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Johnson explains COVID guidelines at his last meeting

DAYTON–Retiring School District No. 2 Superintendent and Elementary Principal Doug Johnson, presided the board meeting for the last time on June 17. Johnson took some time to express his gratitude to the board and staff members whom he worked with over the years. "I would just like to thank those of you on the board now for the opportunity to work with you as the superintendent," Johnson began. "I've had the chance to thank most of the staff personally. It's just been a great run for eleven years and I appreciate the support and look forward to watching from the sidelines the continued success of the Bulldog programs."

The Board Chair, Katie Leid extended appreciation and welcomed him to retirement in her response to Johnson. "We wish you all the success in retirement from someone who is retired," she said. "It's an amazing journey. Thank you for all you've done."

Johnson went on to present the state education committees' recommendations for guidelines for conducting school in the fall. Local districts can present their own plan for approval keeping the recommendations in mind. The guidelines are as follows:

*Entry into school will need some type of plan for screening students and employees (and is) likely to include temperature monitoring and other health related questions, as well as ensuring students and employees have face coverings for entry.

*Bus transportation should include an attempt to distance when possible and all students must wear face covering when riding the bus...Social distancing of six feet will not be required on the buses.

*At this time, the CDC social distancing guideline of six feet will be required. When considering how many students a classroom can hold use calculation of the square feet in a classroom and 36 square feet necessary for each student and the teacher. A room measuring 20 ft. x 30 ft. = 600 square feet calculates out to be: each student and teacher will require 36 square feet, 600 ft. ÷ 36 ft. = 16.6 students. This means each room equaling 600 square feet will support 15 students and one teacher. It is not clear at this time whether or not square footage should be reduced if there are existing book shelves, tables etc. in the room.

*Food service; due to time and space constraints, meals in the cafeteria will not be supported. In its place, other options such as sack lunches eaten in classrooms or outside will be considered. There are still many details to be discussed regarding this issue including how to provide breakfast.

*The District may consider a closed campus for all students based on what guidelines are set for students leaving and returning to campus.

*The High School League Athletic Directors are planning for the year as if there was no COVID impact. If modifications are needed, they will see what they can do. Currently DW is not supporting any sports related activities on or off the campus. Facilities remain closed to the public, as well as the team and coaches.

Guy Strot, will take over as acting District Superintendent and Elementary Principal, as Johnson did over the past school year, on July 1, 2020. Strot has stated he wants school in the fall to be as normal as possible. Johnson relayed the situation and expectations are changing regularly so it's difficult to make a firm plan. Staff and families need to be flexible.

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