Letters to the Editor


September 23, 2021

To the editor,

I support Cindi John for Columbia County City Council Position 3. Cindi has demonstrated her resourcefulness and experience in making progress while communicating with kindness and patience. Cindi relentlessly gives her heart, soul, passion and talents for the people of Dayton. It’s hard to imagine Columbia County without the dedication of Cindi John. Her tireless efforts have supported many different groups in this town. While it may seem overwhelming to some, Cindi is superb.

Above all, Cindi is motivated by her love for Dayton and its community. Cindi’s energy, passion and commitment shine through as she pursues the betterment of Dayton and yet she takes on multiple tasks and completes them all with sharp attention to detail.

Cindi doesn’t hide behind anything or anyone. She listens to the people. If someone calls her about an issue, she handles it right away. She’s genuine and willing to speak her mind. She’s fiscally smart and her experience is necessary for Dayton’s continued growth. We need good people like her in office that we can count on.

Karie Banks-Wellsandt

Dayton, Wash.

To the editor,

The current epidemic is caused by an Asian bat virus that has adapted to humans. The adaptation, spontaneous or human influenced, is irrelevant at this time. The world’s population is now assaulted by here-to-for benign virus, a new human disease with a very high infection rate (morbidity) and a high death rate (mortality). The challenge is to bring the pandemic under control.

All mammals, including humans, have a very strong biochemical sense of self identity. Unwelcome substances, including some foods, air borne contaminants, infectious agents, etc. are causes. Identified by “Self” as a foreign invader, an infected “Self” initiates a complex biological reaction ranging from a mild inflammation through signs of serious disease, culminating in a degree of recovery or death. A fully recovered “Self” develops immunity to further attacks from the offender.

Infectious disease and host species “ live in a state of semi-harmony”. The host and the disease agent coexist, but with lowered morbidity and lower mortality, examples, from the past vampire bats and rabies virus, currently the Asian bat and covid virus. Some Individuals of the host species become infected, many show no clinical signs, some become ill and recover, some become carriers, some die. When a new virus infects a species, “Self” responds, often with a high morbidity and a high mortality because no “harmony” preexists. Enter modern medicine, along with public health, attempting to treat, control and prevent the new disease. At the forefront of modern attempts to control and develop prevention programs, human and veterinary alike, is the development and use of effective vaccines.

Currently we stand at the brink of effective control of Covid-19. I believe you have four major choices to consider, none perfect, all with a degree of danger. You; (1) may attempt to avoid exposure by masking, social distancing, disinfecting and isolation. (2) will probably be exposed, may contract the disease and may survive, thereby developing “natural immunity”. (3) may die. (4) may elect to be vaccinated in an attempt to develop “alternative immunity” and prevent covid.

I highly recommend vaccination for those of you who have not undergone clinical covid disease and/or appear to be covid free. Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider to devise a plan best suited for your needs. At this stage of the pandemic…To vaccinate or to not vaccinate…It’s your call!

Robert T. Laughery, Veterinarian (ret.)

To the editor,

People are quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. Never has this been more evident. In the last three years I have seen adults I once respected, actively spread rumors and gossip online. They do this because someone else’s views differs from theirs. They leave no room for real open conversation, because their frustration stems from fear. Fear of what? Change? Progress?

Spreading misinformation as a public official is something that we should all take a stand against. Vicki Zoller stands for the truth; she always has. Vicki sits on multiple boards around town, actively volunteers, (a lot of us has had our family pictures taken by her) while working for our public health office. Vicki is a woman who knows community growth, and care for all, supersede’s personal fear and a comfortable agenda. Write in Vicki Zoller for City Council position No. 5; Because Truth Matters!

Shakira Bye

Dayton, Wash.


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