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Pastor's Corner

Starting the day the right way

It's sometimes difficult to get up and start the day. A small town experienced 39 degrees below zero temperatures and, in the morning, only one car in the whole town was operating. None of the other cars would start. The only one running was started before the extreme freeze (and was kept running) by a very wise person who knew how to prepare.

Starting our day off takes preparation. Jesus started his day off rising early in the morning and finding a solitary place where He could commune with His Father in prayer. He purposely made the time to start His day out right. He purposed to meet with the One who would minister to His heart. The Bible teaches that if we seek the Lord first, above all else, everything that we need will be added to us. Instead of being overwhelmed by our chore list, we are lifted by God's love. Instead of being disadvantaged by threatening challenges, we are given confidence in Him.

We may face tall mountains but, in the Lord, we face them from higher ground and a lighter heart. In trusting prayer, the Spirit of God makes real to our hearts that He is for us and not against us. Dark threats and rough moments can't keep us from His light that pierces our darkness. "Pray to your Father in secret and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly."

Pastor Greg Brownell

Dayton United Brethren Church