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Jim Lapinski

Jim Lapinski

June 30, 1954–April 8, 2024.

Jim Lapinski passed away from a heart attack in Kingman, Ariz., on April 8, 2024.

Jim was born on June 30, 1954, in Raymond Wash., to Pete and Mary Lapinski. He attended Eastern Washington University and was an accomplished student in which he graduated with two four-year degrees in only two years with a four-point grade point. He had the privilege of being named in the published and prestigious Dean’s List Book. Jim’s degrees were in history and Business planning for cities.

He worked in several major cities such as Spokane, Yakima, Colville, and Dayton, Wash.

Jim is survived by Don Lapinski, Dick Lapinski, Elaine Fosse, and Suzi Lapinski.

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