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4-H Judging Team garners high scores at state contest

MOSES LAKE–The State 4-H Livestock Judging hosted 15 counties, including Garfield and Columbia County was held June 29 at Grant County Fairgrounds. Local team members placed well as a team and individually.

In the Junior division, team members Aubree Ledgerwood, Hadley Hames, Kendyl Tetrick, and Ellie Hall placed in goats, and Aubree Ledgerwood received first individual; in sheep, the team placed first, and Kendyl Tetrick first place, Aubree Ledgerwood third, and Ellie Hall fifth.

In the beef division, the team placed first and Ellie Hall received fourth place. The team placed first and Aubree Ledgerwood first in Reasons; and the team received first place overall followed by Aubree Ledgerwood first, Ellie Hall second, Hadley Hames sixth, and Kendyl Tetrick eight place.

On the Intermediate Team: Tyler Dixon, Treyton Kimble, Ladd Baser, Judson Hall, Rory McKeirnan placed third in goats; in sheep, the team came in first and Tyler Dixon first; for the swine category the team place first and Ladd Baser received second and Rory McKeirnan fifth; beef class the team placed third and Treyton Kimble placed second; In Reasons the team placed first and Tyler Dixon received fourth. Overall the team placed first followed by Treyton Kimble fifth, Rory McKeirnan seventh, Ladd Baser eighth, and Tyler Dixon ninth.

In the senior division, the team was Grayson Slaybaugh, Jack Baser, Nolan Newberg, Jaycee Cox. The team placed fourth in sheep, Jack Baser received third in swine; the team placed third in beef and Grayson Slaybaugh received fifth. The senior team place second in Reasons and came in fourth Overall with Grayson Slaybaugh taking tenth individual.

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