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From the Dayton Chronicle Archives

Ten Years Ago

October 21, 2009

Governor Chris Gregoire recently announced the appointment of Roland Schirman of Dayton to the Board of Trustees of Walla Walla Community College. Schirman replaces Jon McFarland, whose term ended in June. Schirman holds a Ph.D. in Agronomy/Weed Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Ceremony for “Garnet Radebaugh Garden” sign held in City Park, in recognition for helping with the landscape design and planting of the trees.

Port of Columbia is not only pursuing the Blue Mountain Station project, they are constructing a new 173x50 steel frame building on Cameron Street that will house Columbia County Transportation.

Twenty-Five Years Ago

October 17, 1994

Kristin R. Nealey is pursuing a career ambition to work in international investments by double majoring at Washington State University in finance and Russian. She has received many scholarships: a Presidential Scholarship at WSU, a Washington Scholars scholarship, a Seafirst Excellence scholarship and several local scholarships. Nealey is a 1991 graduate of Dayton High School and is the daughter of Terry R. and Janice E. (Copp) Nealey.

Fifty Years Ago

October 23, 1969

Rural School Sale Ordered By Board, Columbia, Huntsville Buildings and Land Offered to Bidders. Buildings and land of the former Columbia and Huntsville schools, now owned by Dayton School District No. 2 through consolidation and annexation, will be offered for sale Tuesday, November 4.

Lester and Kaye Eaton Jr. were named ’69 Columbia County Conservation Farmers. The title of 1969 Columbia County Conservation Farmers will be formally presented to Mr. and Mrs. Lester Eaton Jr., October 23, during the annual recognition luncheon sponsored by Dayton Kiwanis, Dayton Jaycees and Columbia Soil & Water Conservation District,

Seventy-Five Years Ago

October 12, 1944

A group of five-year-olds saw a most unusual spectacle to them when the lights of London go on for the first time. London recently changed from a complete black-out to a dim-out. After five years of darkness even a dim-out seems bright, and the fear of air raids is a thing of the past to most of them.

Navy Avenger Torpedo bombers of Adm. William F. Halsey Jr.’s Third Fleet caught a large Japanese Merchant fleet in Manila Bay and sank most of the ships, and at the same time setting fire to many land installations. The attack lasted two days,

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Russell of the Tucannon received a telegram from the war department saying that their son, Staff Sergeant James B. Russell, was missing in action in France since September 17. “Biz,” as he is known to his friends, is a veteran of four campaigns: Africa, Sicily, Italy and France.

One Hundred Years Ago

October 23, 1919

Word was received by long distance phone in Walla Walla that contracts have between let for graveling and grading all remaining links of the Inland Empire Highway between Spokane and Yakima via Walla Walla.

One Hundred Twenty-Five Years Ago

October 20, 1894

Farmers, there have been 20,000 tons of potatoes landed in New York from Scotland, under the democratic tariff law. A fleet of vessels from South America loaded with wheat, on the way to New York, where it will be sold at 47 cents in December, a large amount of barley and 5,000,000 dozen eggs from Canada. All this truck will be sold in competition with your products and this kind of business will be kept up as long as the free trade policy lasts. Do you consider that this is a good thing for you? You are being robbed of your home market.