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ESD to assist with superintendent search

DAYTON– Educational Service District representatives Darcy Weisner, Kaylee Bolt and Molly Curtis will assist the Dayton School District in the search for a superintendent to succeed Superintendent Doug Johnson, who will be retiring at the end of the 2020 school year.

Mr. Weisner, who has 38 years in the education system, presented an outline he has developed, a research process and time schedule in searching for potential candidates. An example of the process includes, development of a job description for the school board members to finalize recruitment promotion, application deadline, screening applicants, interviewing applicants, making a selection.

Assisting him will be Kaylee Bolt, Director of Human Research, who will develop the job description and profile, and Molly Curtis, of the Graphic and Communication system, will develop a website, press releases and a time line.

Weisner congratulated the board for making the decision to start the search early for the best possible results in locating the best fit for our school and community. The cost to the District for Mr. Weisner services, including travel expenses will be $4,000.

The Board made a motion to except Mr. Weisner services, which was seconded and passed.

Superintendent Johnson, in discussing the Educational Programs and Operation Levy/Capital Project (EPO) Levy pointed out is a replacement levy. This levy provides the funding necessary to support educational programs and operational costs beyond what the state provides. The total collected and the rate will vary from year to year based on the language reflects a collection amount based on 400 students for each of the four years beginning with 2021. If the enrollment figure is less than or there is a change in the assessed value the collection amount and the rate will be adjusted by the auditor. Using the estimates available at this time the collection amounts and rates are shown below. Each of the collection years are well below the $1,461,000 originally approved by the voters in 2016. The new state law has forced the district to reduce the collection amount. The levy is determined by simple majority with election date of February 11, 2020.

Year $ per FTE Collection Rate

2021 2629 $1,028,000 $1.34

2022 2687 $1,051,600 $1.37

2023 2746 $1,098,400 $1.43

2024 2800 $1,120,000 $1.46

A four year replacement Capital Levy will also be on the ballot. This levy has two parts; the first, is a $150,000 technology levy. This collection will support the purchase of hardware, software, license fees, repair, maintenance and IT support. The second part of the levy totals a one-year collection of $100,000 to be used to complete an engineering study and develop plans for upgrading the electrical in the elementary building and install air conditioning and controls. The sudsy could provide the Board with at least two options for improving the HVAC system in the elementary. It is hoped the study will assist the District in gathering the financial support needed for the project from state grants and or the local citizens. The study could be completed by the end of the summer in 2021 with the project to follow. The rate of the current Capital Levy is $0.62/1000 the replacement levy estimate is $0.33 in year one and drops to an estimated $0.22/1000 the following three years.

The enrollment – FTE is hovering around the 390 mark which is slightly more than last year’s 385 average and above our target budget figure of 382.

Anything at or above our budget figure is a positive, discussion indicated. There might be some potential losses as we are working with some students and families on attendance issues and potential transfers to on-line programs.

Superintendent Johnson, filling in as the elementary principal, advised the district members the K-1 ELA curriculum has arrived and a professional development program will take place on October 16 for teachers and para educators. He has been visiting the classrooms for the purpose of walk through observations and has begun formal observations as will. He is very impressed with the teaching techniques and the students learning responses.

A walk-a-thon (a collaborative effort between the PTSO and the Elementary ASB was very successful and some of the funds has been set aside for school assemblies and some for transportation related cost for class field trips. A fall carnival is scheduled for October 26 in the HS gym.

Supt Johnson would like to express his appreciation to the staff, students, and parents who have been understanding when I have not been available to them while doing District work as the Superintendent. While the position is challenging the support and extra effort by everyone has been very helpful and I am especially thankful for the two secretaries, Zarabeth Griffen and Tracie Sinkbeil who have done a great job in the office during periods of my absence.

Secondary Principal Kristina Brown is working with ELA and Math teams to use interim assessments. These are tools which are part of the SBAC system and can provide valuable data to teachers for use to guide instructions.

Paula Moisio has successfully uploaded files to SEBB to generate Enrollment Packers to Employees, by Mid-late September.

Mikki Smith, successfully serve 290 meals in 1 hour, which is our highest number in years.

Jana Eaton Celebrated “Taste Washington Day” with fresh fruits from Warren Orchards and the Yakima Valley. Jana, served 976 Snacks to MS/HS students in September, sponsored by the Food Bank and Homestreet Bank.

Clint Reser, the Port of Columbia gave DMS a $500 grant to buy materials for Science Enrichment class.

Jeremy Trump provided the board with a copy of some correspondence regarding MS Volleyball. Mr. Trump Shared some concern regarding the large number of students who participated in MS Volleyball and the lack of matches/playing time for all students. The Board is familiar with the issue and has been working with the Administration to address it.

Supt. Johnson, reviewed “The District Vision Statement” The School District is a partnership that thrives with active support from school employees, parents, students, and community.

“The District Mission Statement” The mission of the Dayton School District is to promote academic excellence, active citizenship, and provide all students with the opportunity to become productive members of society. The Board has asked the superintendent to make the statements more visible to the Board, District employees, parents and the community.

The District is reviewing some potential policy changes regarding the use of Social Media Meetings are planned currently with the certificated staff association in an effort to implement policy/Procedures to protect students and employees.

According to the State Assessment Update, the District average for meeting standard on the SBAC ELA portion for students in grades 3-12 who met standard in is now at 66.8% which is the highest percentage since the assessment began four years ago. The same can be said for Math as 53/2% of Dayton’s students met standard.

Supt. Johnson provided a summary of his self-evaluation using Strand 2 of the Sate Assessment tool for Superintendents – Equity and Cultural Responsiveness.

The District is still waiting to hear the results of the two grants submitted by Johnson for facility improvements.

The School will be partnering with CCHS for a Hazmat drill later this month,.

The Adopt a Bulldog program sponsored by the United Way works with the School District to provide for the needs of students who may have a financial hardship related to school or school activities. The District extents it thanks to United Way of Walla Walla and local businesses and individuals who support this program through their contributions to the United Way.

The teachers have formed Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and as a team they are looking for solutions to problems they face and methods if improving their instructional strategies.

Community Wellness Prevention Initiative (CWPI) is in the process of reforming the Coalition for Youth and Families (CYF). This group will seek to support youth and families to make healthy choices while preventing alcohol and drug abuse, use of tobacco/vaping and violence. Supt. Johnson participate in the meetings and activities.

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