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Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

People dying across our nation is becoming the new norm we see

As Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers tells us everyone having guns is what “ normal” should be

This is not about the 2nd Amendment; our founding fathers would never agree

That any kind of person with any kind of firearm will make our country free!

The deaths are heartbreaking; it angers us that our representative just doesn’t care

She values her firearms industry payments; of that we are aware!

So, what to do? Believe people deserved their death because the shooter had the “right”?

Or they were mentally ill and had a gun, and lives were in their gun’s sight?

The blatant “I don’t really care beyond a “prayer and a thought”.

Really, Representative McMorris Rodgers, is that all you’ve got?

How will you spin these deaths mounting up; how long will you continue to ignore the blood splatter?

It is becoming very clear to us that to you American’s deaths just don’t matter.

Will you send flowers to each dead person’s funeral to appease?

Tell us, Congresswoman, tell us please.

Will you wait for a mass shooting on your block before you see and say “Enough death, I will change my vote and policy?”

And vote against gun violence and for background checks, so safer we’ll all be.

What will it take? None of us have a clue

We are heartbroken, crying and burying loved ones…watching and waiting for you.

Pat Bates

Clarkston, Wash.