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November 28, 2019

Unlike Washington, D.C., the scary apparitions of Halloween are nearly a month in the rear-view mirror and the Thanksgiving Holiday is here.

We’re reminded of all that we have to be thankful for.

We’re thankful that NBC stopped broadcasting the Impeachment Inquiry last week, returning to something more substantial, more interesting than watching sand through an hourglass, like Days of Our Lives.

We’re thankful that Rep. Adam Schiff doesn’t represent us, although we are puzzled about Schiff’s chairmanship of the “Intelligence Committee.” Nothing that we’ve seen appears to be close to intelligent. California, you can keep him.

The testimony is farcical. This person overheard a person talk about a phone call that they only heard one side of. Huh?

You’ve got to admit it, it’s utterly ridiculous. Day after laughable day of testimony that could only be tolerated in this kangaroo court and given false credibility by biased national media outlets.

We’re thankful that Donald Trump is president.

We’re thankful that a man with respect for the office is indeed acting presidential because he is handling a myriad of significant world situations with a clear vision of moving America forward.

Leading countries around the world now know that a person with a vision and the backbone to pursue it is in the Oval Office.

We’re thankful that business has responded to Trump being elected and that the economy has rebounded after eight years of stagnation. It’s a testimony of what is possible when the country is being led by someone out front rather than being led from behind.

We’re thankful for the exposure that the Intelligence Committee’s Impeachment Inquiry has given certain members of Congress, and that some of those politicians, if the impeachment is followed through, might be voted out of office.

On a more positive note, we’re thankful for many things in our lives and community.

We’re thankful that we and our families are in good health and that we are active in our business and personal lives.

We’re thankful that we’re on the threshold of finishing another year and starting a new one.

We’re thankful for many blessings which we sometimes have to remind ourselves of, especially when we’re deep in the weeds and looking for some daylight.

We’re thankful to live in this corner of the world, where we have fresh air, no traffic, mountains and rivers and ski slopes, fields of grain and grassy hillsides to walk hunting pheasant. Good neighbors and the joy of young children’s eager anticipation of Christmas.

Visitors to this area stand slack jawed at the vista from the foothills of the Blue Mountains, which is a “normal day at the office” for many local farmers. There is only the sound of the wind, maybe some movement of deer or elk at a field’s margin. No bumper-to-bumper, taillights stretching into the distance, slowly creeping traffic.

A person once remarked to me how dismal they felt coming to eastern Washington. “There’s miles and miles of nothing.” Not really, but keep on thinking that as you head back to the forested mazes in western Washington, my friend.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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