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How Can I Be Prepared for a COVID-19 Outbreak?

What is the current state of COVID-19?


February 27, 2020

 COVID-19 is a new respiratory virus. There are no treatments for it. Most people will recover on their own, but some people can develop pneumonia and require medical care or hospitalization.

 In Washington state, one person has tested positive for COVID-19.

 There is currently an international outbreak affecting several countries. It is very likely that COVID-19 will spread in parts of the United States, including Washington state.

 If COVID-19 spreads in Washington state, your life may be disrupted in a variety of ways. Keep yourself and household healthy by being prepared.

 As new information emerges from across the globe, please remember that the risk of COVID-19 is not at all connected with race, ethnicity or nationality. Stigma will not help to fight the illness. Seeking and sharing accurate information during a time of heightened concern is one of the best things we can do to keep rumors and misinformation from spreading.

How can I prevent the spread of COVID-19?

 Symptoms of COVID-19 primarily include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms appear 2 to 14 days after exposure.

 COVID-19 spreads between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) via coughs or sneezes. It may also spread by touching a surface or object with the virus on it.

 People are thought to be most contagious when they are the sickest, though some spread is possible before people show symptoms.

 Prevention starts with practicing good personal health habits: stay home when you’re sick, cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, wash your hands often with soap and water, and clean frequently touched surfaces and objects.

 Getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids, eating healthy foods, and managing your stress may help you prevent getting COVID-19 and recover from it if you do.

How do I plan ahead for COVID-19?

 Make an emergency plan of action with your household members, relatives, and friends. Visit Emergency Preparedness and You (on the CDC website) for more information.


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