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County COVID-19 free so far

DAYTON–The coronavirus count in Columbia County remains at one positive (recovered) with 67 tested negative and on pending test, according to the County Public Health Department. There have been zero deaths here because of COVID-19.

Garfield County is still at zero-zero: no documented infections and no deaths.

In Walla Walla County, there have been 57 confirmed positives compared to 1,386 negatives in the 60,760-population county, with zero deaths. Infections have been identified in every town except Dixie and Waitsburg, with the majority, 36, occurring in Walla Walla.

In the state, King County leads with 6,001 cases and 429 deaths. Snohomish is second with 2,365 cases and 108 dead, and Pierce is third with 1,293 and 48 deaths. Yakima (45) and Benton (39) counties have the next-highest death counts.

Statewide, 13,842 people have confirmed COVID-19 and 786 have died. Of those tested, just eight percent are positive. As of Monday, only 156 people are in intensive care and 490 are hospitalized.

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