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By Lori Burns
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Guest Commentary

We are on the Brink


July 30, 2020

Many of us are turning off the news–despairing at the discouraging headlines. Months of horrifying headlines about COVID 19 and now civil unrest. I have tried to do the same, but have only succeeded in reducing my consumption, not turning it off completely.

It is because I am insanely curious about what is going on around me, but my main motivator at present is my lack of trust, both in the media and in our political “leaders”. As Rahm Emanuel famously stated, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Evil people are doing that very thing, today in America. We cannot, we must not ignore it.

First, we must clarify some terms. Protesting, is a Constitutional right, ensconced in the very first amendment in the Bill of Rights. I will defend your right to free speech all day, every day, whether I agree with you or not. Criminal activity, however, is not protected speech. When protests descend into looting, vandalism, trespassing, destruction of property, domestic terrorism, assault and murder, it is anarchy.

The liars in the media, regularly use the word “protest” in their reporting when they should be calling them “riots”.

Why does it matter? Because the media is providing cover for illegal activities and deliberately trying to hide the facts about these riots by labeling them as “largely peaceful.” To date, there have been 61 straight nights of rioting in Portland, Ore. It is similar in Seattle. Pockets of looting and violence are cropping up all over the country and spreading.

What started as legitimate outrage over the murder of George Floyd has become a movement hijacked by spoiled brats, uneducated, brainwashed, angry thugs. I want the cops that murdered Floyd brought to justice. I want change in police departments that use unnecessary force. But I will not live in anarchy, nor will I stand idly by while this tiny minority of Americans tears us apart.

Second, let us be clear about how this came about. The extreme left is bullying the Democratic Party into submission. Just like any effective bully, these thugs have cowed the “powers that be” to believe that if they don’t buy into this anarchist horse pucky, they will not be re-elected, and worse, they will become the targets.

Cowardly power-mongers that they are, they have completely caved. Would any of you have believed a year ago that the Democrat Party would largely be calling for the de-funding of police departments across the land? That our front-line heroes of 9/11 or even the initial COVID outbreak would be turned into the enemy? Look around you! It is Democratically controlled cities succumbing to these scumbags; giving them a pass to break the law at will–and even joining with them at times. I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe that I can’t get out of!

Astonishingly, these fools who have surrendered their cities to white Antifa thugs have also further hamstrung the police by ordering them not to arrest people, limiting their crowd-control tools and turning them into the enemy. Instead of backing the good cops, charging and jailing the criminals, they have given the “participation trophy” generation free reign.

We are seeing the future and I am terrified. Most of these same idiot mayors and governors have also “ordered” Federal law enforcement officers out of their cities and states–all of a sudden discovering the concept of States Rights. (Well, I guess that does hearken back to the only other time they professed concern about States’ Rights when they seceded and started the Civil War to protect slavery.)

Who in the hell do they think they are?! Federal agents have the absolute right and authority to protect federal property. The real question is, why on earth wouldn’t these municipalities do their job?! You don’t want the feds in your city, then protect your city from criminals! That is one of the most important mandates of government and civil society.

Supposedly, we are a nation of laws. You wouldn’t know it by watching what is happening in America today. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the only way any nation can maintain true law and order is through the willingness of each citizen to uphold the law. We have a cross-section of society that now refuses to do that. The ONLY way to stop this stage 4 cancerous spread is to arrest, charge and incarcerate them for their crimes. And yes, even they deserve a fair trial.

The vast majority of the country is not participating in this treacherous nonsense and I know it has NOTHING to do with those who want to protect innocent black lives. But how long are we going to sit by and watch this happen? How long before we have descended into civil war and hand-to-hand combat? Have you seen what has happened to gun sales in the last few months? This is not going to end well if the law is not enforced impartially and equally.

Yesterday, Antifa punks slimed their way out of Portland into Eugene to further their destruction and mayhem. There is terrifying video of a citizen and a thug pointing guns at each other’s faces. I am warning right now that this cannot end well. Somebody is going to get killed. The man in the truck showed amazing restraint. Not everyone will do that.

One of the most sickening aspects of this is that the left is looking the other way. “Nothing to see here.” I ask any honest Democrats out there, “If these were white supremacists (who you are convinced are the Republican Party) would you be okay with this?” Of course not! I wouldn’t either. I would want them arrested, charged and locked up--probably more than you!

We need to ask some vital questions: 1) How long are we going to allow the vitriolic hatred of America be taught to our children? This is the direct result of America-haters who failed to teach our kids that we learn from history, strive, improve and keep striving instead of burning down a house because it has a leaky faucet! It is the direct result of a steady diet of Marxism/Communism being force-fed in the public schools, colleges and universities.

2) This is for my brother: “Where are their PARENTS?!!!!” Way to go mom and dad–you must be so proud.

3) Who will pay for this debacle? In real costs, every responsible citizen who pays taxes will pay to restore the damage caused by these brats. But in real and opportunity costs, those who will pay the most are minorities living in Democrat-run inner-cities. If they lose their businesses, are subjected to the constant threat of violence and mayhem, lose the policing they need the most and jobs are pulled out of their communities, they will pay the highest price of all Americans. Are you okay with that? Because I sure as heck am not.

4) What can you do? Call every single one of your elected officials, every single day if necessary and tell them you do not want to live in this America. Tell them you want the law enforced equally and fairly as it should be. And if they will not listen then you get them out of office in November.

VOTE! Not for a party, but for principles!

We are way past voting for a party in this election–we are now voting for our freedom, the rule of law and our survival as a nation versus anarchy, slavery and destruction.

-Burns is an opinion blogger from Spokane.


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