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Erica Watts Dollhouse Furniture at Wenaha Gallery in June

DAYTON–The Wenaha Gallery features Spokane artist Erica Watts Dollhouse Furniture through June 14.

It all started with a request by her five-year-old daughter, who had just attended a birthday party in which the guest of honor had been given a dollhouse.

“Can you make me one of those?” Erica Watts’ daughter asked. The lifelong Spokane artist, who has taken art classes at Michigan Tech University and the Art Institute of Chicago, took on the challenge of creating real life in miniature, and soon found herself deep in the world of 1:12 scale – where one-inch equals one foot.

“I want people to be reminded of their childhood or think of their grandchildren,” the Spokane artist says. “I want people to be amazed at how real something looks in miniature form.

“EVERYTHING is cuter in miniature form.”

Watts’ completely furnished dollhouses and furniture accessories are on display at Wenaha Gallery through June 14.