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Nonprofit alliance helping improve health in Southeastern Washington

DAYTON–Southeast Washington Alliance for Health (SEWAAH), the nonprofit created in January of 2020 with a focus on assisting Garfield, Asotin, and Columbia counties with health-related initiatives, has contributed over $20,000 to health needs in Columbia County and over $88,000 across all three counties.

Activities include community health assessments, COVID-19 cross-county partnerships, and the Alliance has recently received a $740,000 health-focused grant to be utilized across all three counties.

For Columbia County residents, one benefit for our community is medical transportation gas cards which are available for families with medical needs outside Columbia county. To inquire about obtaining a gas card, telephone 509-382-2181.

The nonprofit meets monthly with representatives from Asotin and Garfield counties, Columbia County Health System, Blue Mountain Counseling, Blue Mountain Action Council, Columbia County Fire District, Aging and Long-Term Care, Dayton School District, Starbuck School District, and other community-focused groups and organizations.

The Alliance is comprised of a well-qualified executive council. Martha Lanman, formerly of Columbia County Public Health, is the Executive Director. Chelsey Eaton of Columbia County Public Health and Shane McGuire, CEO of Columbia County Health Systems, represent Columbia County in the Alliance.

Please contact 509-288-1301 or email [email protected] for more information.

-Submitted by the SEWAAH.

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