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2022 wheat crop exceeding expectations

DAYTON–Just getting rolling after a late start, the 2022 small grains harvest is going to be a “big crop.” Anecdotal reports from around the area indicate numerous bushels-per-acre in the 120-130 range with a couple reports of 150 bushels per acre.

“Wheat harvest going well,” said Jacob Forsman, manager of the Dayton office of Northwest Grain Growers Tuesday. “It’s going to be the biggest ever. We’re seeing very, very good yields.

“The farmers are pretty excited,” he said.

Depending on the area, Forsman said reports of yields around 120-130 being common for winter-wheat crops.

Wheat price as of Tuesday was in the $8.90 to $9.00 range, Forsman said.

Farmers were slow to start due to unseasonably high rainfall in April, May and June. The National Weather Service in Pendleton reports that precipitation in Columbia County was 222% above normal during that period.

Harvest of spring-planted wheat is just beginning, Forsman said.

He expects harvesting activities to peak in about two weeks, and that operations will be ongoing well into September.

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