January 11, 2024

By Eric McKeirnan

Guest contributor

Not so long ago I submitted a piece to the paper for consideration. Not my best stuff, I would agree. My really good stuff is sitting in a short stack on the right corner of my desk.

The paper labeled my submission as a "rant." I thought I understood the meaning of the word rant, but I looked it up in my dictionary just to make sure. My book is a Webster's dictionary, copyright 1942. Rant- (noun) 'High sounding language without dignity of thought, boisterous, empty declamation' as, the rant of fanatics. That is pretty much what I took the word to mean.

Now I had to go back and read this thing filled with empty declamations that I submitted. I made comments about the southern border. I guess that's a rant. Everybody knows that there is no problem at the southern border. I might have mentioned the sketchy, slimy, 2020 election. That sniffs like a rant. I made a quick comment about China, the words of a true fanatic for certain. Just to give democrats something to savor, I had a sentence about boys in girls' sports. Ranty! ranty! and double ranty!

Perhaps what the editor was referring to was my solution to what many believe as a problem in this land. I laid out briefly, in a nutshell, so to speak, a way to make everybody happy. Democrats could live in a land where truth no longer exists; hate is exalted as virtue. Democracy has a new definition. Dem-o-crat, one who prescribes rules for others to follow, one who has seized power and declared themselves absolute ruler, and who proceeds to govern the land with unlimited authority; as the dictator of a fascist state. (It is likened to withholding a popular candidate from ballot, for fear the voting majority will take back control and install order).

It kind of sounds like the world we live in, doesn't it? I don't get out much. I don't live in town. Therefore, I get little feedback on the things I write. I got a call from a friend a couple weeks ago. He is over 80 years from birth. He likes my stuff. At a ballgame, three different people gave me gentle pats on the back for having the courage to line my words up the way I do.

I did see a couple of people that I know for certain live on the wrong side of the aisle, and not a peep from them. Get on your hind legs, lefties. Tell me what you think. I'm willing to stand my ground on nearly every word I generate. I'm still hoping that my "rant" gets published. I was hoping for a Nobel Prize with it. After that, I'll send the good stuff.

Eric McKeirnan



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