March 14, 2024

As a farmer's daughter, and later during the first five years of my previous 19-year-marriage, a farmer's wife, the standing rule was to never say anything about how things were going, such as "How's harvest?" The answer to that was always "I'll tell you when it is over."

I broke that rule.

In a recent column in this space, I reported that I was finally well after living through one illness after another from last September through February, compliments of some of my music students.

I spoke too soon.

The very day that commentary published, I came down with the Mother of all Mother's cold. It kicked my butt for seven days and then passed I it on to my wonderful newspaper-man husband. Sorry about that, Loyal.

That is why one should never declare how well one is doing until it is over. Generally, I am assured that I am well past the nasty bugs after Spring Break–only Spring colds (most likely allergies) happen after that point, which are tolerable.

Why am I writing about my health-again? It just proved the point that when a farmer is in the middle of a season-DON'T ASK how things are going. Inevitably if they venture an opinion that things are going fine, a major breakdown will occur with a delay in the process and huge dent in the bank account.

I am not saying I am finally well because I am still recovering from the last thing, only that I don't know how I am doing.

I'll tell you when it's over.


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