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DAYTON-The local FFA has had a very exciting past week. The soils team placed ninth at the Whitman County Land Evaluation (CDE) near Steptoe Butte, and had an eventful road trip up. The team is eager for the state competition coming in November.

On Friday, a group of FFA students participated in a drill for the Columbia County Hospital system. A select few teens were chosen to help simulate an emergency in the case that a gas explosion had happened in our high school metals shop; by using special effects makeup to represent head injuries, broken limbs, and chemical exposure. The drill was run just as a real-life situation would be handled. The students which represented harmed patients were transported on stretchers, and escorted in ambulances to the local hospital, and committed to the role of an injured patient all the way through to being united with their “parents” at the hospital, to make the experience the most realistic for the hospital employees. The other students were to evaluate, react, and proceed with the drill in the same manner as they should in a real-life situation.

As some former students may recall, there was a long-standing fundraising tradition of the annual Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) Halloween Carnival. This event was enjoyed for many decades, but a few years ago, the carnival stopped.

This fall, the PTSO decided it was time to bring the fundraising tradition back to life on Saturday, October 26. They staged the Carnival at the high school gymnasium where teachers, parents, and even some high school students volunteered to help run the fun games and booths. Families brought their kids, who were dressed in their spooky best costumes. Once there, they adventured into face painting, limbo, pumpkin decorating, fingernail painting, bean bag toss, the popular haunted house, and many more attractions. Kids enjoyed going from booth to booth living out this missed tradition. The event was a huge success.