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2019 Dayton Chronicle Christmas Edition

W e invite you to enjoy the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas Season, as seen through the eyes of Dayton School students, and note the many businesses whose support makes this annual Christmas tradition possible. A joyous and heart-felt thank you to the Dayton School Staff, Administration, Students, Columbia County supporters and business sponsors as we present our 2019 Christmas Edition.


December 19, 2019


Mrs. Lovgren

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a Hatchimals with an egg, a rainbow shirt, a bike. How's the North Pole?

Love, Landyn

Dear Santa,

Can I please have a real horse. How's school going?

Love, Liam

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me Paw Patrol, my mom wants some lipstick.

Love, Jace

Dear Santa,

I would like a stuffed cat, a stuffed dog. I love you Santa.

Love, Annabelle

Dear Santa,

My blue power ranger leg popped off, so I would like a new one. How is Rudolph?

Love, Tommy

Dear Santa,

How can you fly? I would like some make-up, dresses, nail polish and crayons.

Love, AdaMari

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me toys. I would like a robot toy that bounces high. A lego city toy with Batman. I would like a ice breaking game for me and my sister. Mr. Potato head, and my own play doh. A popcorn exploding game.

Love, Mason

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa. What do the reindeer eat? Would you please get me baby stuff. I would like colorful clothes and rainbow boots. I love my life and family.

Love, Taylor Grace Baker

Dear Santa,

What do the reindeer eat? I would like legos, construction building blocks, and a big semi truck. How are you doing?

Love, Quinten Pettit

Dear Santa,

I would like a toy bat and ball. A Mickey Mouse that runs. I am a good girl.

Love, Nina

Dear Santa,

I would like some legos, new shoes, Paw Patrol shirts. How is Rudolph?

Love, Ariyah

Dear Santa,

I would like trucks.

Love, Jaxon

Dear Santa,

I would like a poke ball, power ranger, hammer toys. I live at my Uncle Joe's house.

Love, Clive

Dear Santa,

I would like a car that climbs on the wall. A ball, a hammer for my mom.

Love, Jadon

Dear Santa,

I would like a microphone, and a new horse.

Love, Melody

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a balloon, a football and dinosaurs.

Love, Joey

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a Barbie doll. PJ mask toys.

Love, Harlie

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a pink shirt, a baby shark.

Love, Victoria

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a phone, a Barbie, and a lion. I will leave you chocolate cookies.

Love, Aspen

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a Ironman, a Spiderman, a Captain America, and a bone.

Love, Dravyn

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a Barbie, a package full of stickers, a tree. I need clothes for my Barbie and phone. I have cookies for you. Oh yeah, and earrings for my Barbie.

Love, Ava

Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me some cookies. I would like a dinosaur.

Love, Colt


Mrs. Heitstuman

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a helicopter that shoots a trap and a Jurassic Park set and Legos.

Your Friend,

Eric Wilson

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a whole Jurassic World set and a rider with helmet and gilder and Legos.

Your Friend,

Silas Dufur

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a remote control car and it has a T-Rex face on it.

Your friend,

Axten Harshman

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a blue remote control race car.

Your Friend,

Tallon Sherer

Dear Santa,

I have been good all year. Please may you bring me a blue helicopter.

Your Friend,

Christian Leonard

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a remote control race car.

Your Friend,

Lucas Wiley

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a dog and a dollie.

Your Friend,

Alyssa Witherington

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a little dog, like a Charlie dog and I will cuddle with it for 100 weeks.

Your Friend,

Timber Herbst

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a Frozen 2 movie.

Your Friend,

Lita Mallard

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a unicorn that sings with me.

Your Friend,

Nimrit Takhar

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a doll that has a bottle and comes with a baby set.

Your Friend,

Ellie Thurston

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a dinosaur with candy canes for decorations and gloves on.

Your Friend,

Ryleigh Fabian

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a Pack Man X-Box and waterproof car.

Your Friend,

Noah Massey

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please bring me a horse and unicorn.

Your Friend,

Shyanne Hansen

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year. Please may you bring me a baby doll that sucks her thumb.

Your Friend,

Allie James


Mrs. McGhan

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a toy unicorn and for my sister Mari a LOL doll. I think my brother Adan will want some Legos. My mom I think would want perfume. My dad I think will want a picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus with a blue background. I want to know how Rudolph is doing. Please and thank you for the presents.



Dear Santa,

Please bring me miniature dinosaurs, I would also like some growing crystals. For my brother could you please bring some Avenger action figures. I think my Dad would like a heating pad. Mr. Santa please bring my mom a new phone. How are the reindeer doing? Thank you for the presents on Christmas.



Dear Santa,

I would like a Telescope, a cat that comes with a controller, a controlled unicorn, a unicorn set and mermaid set, and a toy house (small). I would to get my dad a new wallet, and my mom a rose necklace, and my cousin Kinsey a rose clip. Thank you Santa for receiving my gift could you say hi to Mrs. Clause for me.

P.S. Could you get my Aunt Dixie a Checker set?



Dear Santa,

Can you please bring me a robot cat for Christmas? And I wish for you to also bring me a container of sorting Toys please and thank you. And for my mom can you please bring her some glass animals to put on her shelf and for my dad can you bring him some new clothes and a new sunglasses. And a new heating pad for my mom and sister please, Santa, and my dog can use some new bones, my sister can use a new basketball hoop. Thank you for the presents and Thank you for the presents and Thank you for the snow Santa.


Jamison Ray

Dear Santa,

I would love a t-rex toy please. And maybe even a shark. I would also really love to get my baby sister a doll. Also, my mother a candle that smells like flowers. I think my dad would love a fishing pole. My two sisters I could you get them some scrunchies and hydro flask please. I would be very thankful if you even got my doggies some treats. I will leave you some red sugar cookies and milk. And I could also give your reindeer some carrots. I would like to ask what you would like for Christmas Santa? Thank you so much for bringing every kid a smile and joy.



Dear Santa,

Me and my brother both want toy horses from Santa. I would also like a toy racecar please! And I would love it if my brother would get a toy Jeep! And finally I would like some jellybeans too! Thank you Santa!



Dear Santa,

I would like a horse, power ranger toys for my friend and I. I want you to know that I will have my Christmas tree up.



Dear Santa,

Can I please have Army guys, Army tanks, and a Army truck with a really big gun on top. Can I please also have an Army boat with also a big gun on it also please. Can I please also have an Army Jeep toy that is camouflaged, an Army helicopter and an Army plane pretty please. My question for Santa is... Does Rudolph really fly? Thank you Mrs. Claus for making Santa all jolly and happy. Thank you very much for making me smile.



Dear Santa,

I would like a shark plushie please. I want a shark toy that swims in water please. A toy horse that can move would be awesome too please! Santa, how is Rudolph? Please give Jaxon (my brother) a toy cat boy. Tell Mrs. Clause hi! I will leave cookies and milk for you! I like your boots. Thank you!



Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like Pokèball for me and one for my brother Clive. I would also like a toy unicorn to play with. I love unicorns! I would like my mom to have a really big quilt and my dad to have a massage chair for his back. I also want a cute doll that I can play with. I have some questions. Do you wear glasses? Do you have a reindeer named Rudolph? Why do we eat so many candy canes? That's what I would like for Christmas. Thank you for making Christmas happen.



Dear Santa,

Can I please have a toy dog and can I have a toy duck. And can I have a toy elephant. Can I have a toy cow for my sister Janie? And for Cindi, a toy baby reindeer. For my dad I want a big bull and for my mom, a parrot. For my dog I want a toy hedgehog and for my cat a string ball toy. I might leave some cookies and milk out for Santa and Mrs. Claus.



Dear Santa,

I please want a Barbie. I please want a pretty pony. I please want Legos. I please want a Barbie set. I please want a bunkbed. I would like princess doll. Can I please have this stuff? Can Sawyer please get an Army shirt and Army pants? Can the whole class get a picture with Santa? Can I have a playdate with Santa? Do you help my mom bake, Mrs. Claus?



Dear Santa,

I would like some new crayons please and maybe a toy snake and Power Ranger toys. I would like my parents to get a new microphone and my mom to get a new music box and a speaker and a new phone please. I would like to know how you are doing? The last things that I would like is Christmas lights and a Christmas tree.



Dear Santa,

I would like presents including a firefighter truck with Marshall from Paw Patrol, also I would like Ryder with his police car, I would also like a toy bus. Tell Mrs. Claus that I would like her to bring me snow so I can make snowmans. I would like it if you brought my Dad a white box with tools and wheels. I also want you to get my Mom a cooker. Will you also get my sisters tablets?



Dear Santa,

Can I please have a toy robot cat. I hope you're having a great time at the North Pole. Is Rudolph real? Can you please get my brother a monster truck? Can I please have a new printer for my teacher? Can you please make it snow? Can I please have a robot puppy?



First Grade

Mrs. Laib

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help my dad with house chores. I help him work outside. For Christmas please bring me a ton of playdough. Please bring my dad me and my brother sandals.

Are you real?

Your friend,

Branson Martin

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I picked up my room without being told. Please bring me a dog and a wagon. Please bring my Dad a computer.

How do reindeer fly?

Your friend,

Ashlynn Papineau

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help my mom clean the entire house. I help my dad at the shop by handing him tools. For Christmas please bring me a snow bike and a sled. Please bring my sister a dog.

How do your reindeer fly?

Your friend,

Chase Mead

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I clean up the living room without being asked. I help my dad fix my toy in the garage. For Christmas please bring me a remote control Godzilla and a King of the Monsters Godzilla. My sister Claire would like a unicorn.

Is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer real?

Your friend,

Ronan Gemmell

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help mop the floor and dust the counter. I help water the bunnies when the water is frozen.

For Christmas please bring me a Gems and a jewelry box. Please bring my bunnies a box of toys.

Where do the elves make toys?

Your friend,

Zoe Anderson

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help my mom and dad with the Christmas Festival. I clean my room up when my mom told me to.

For Christmas please bring me a toy train and a puppy. Please bring my family a fish tank.

Where do you keep your clothes?

Your friend,

Graham Yost

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help carry the Christmas tree. I helped my Grandma Davis set up the Christmas tree with the train. For Christmas please bring be a Power Wheel and a Legos Landen RC car. Please bring things for my family.

Where do you keep your reindeer?

Your friend,

Barrett Davis

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I help put ornaments on the Christmas tree. I helped decorate the house. For Christmas please bring me a Lego Star Wars Droid Carrier. Please bring my brother some Legos.

Where do you sleep?

Your friend,

Wyatt Cranmer

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I do the dishes every day. I help by making my bed. For Christmas please bring me an Elf on the Shelf and a sled. Please bring my baby brother a chew toy.

Are the reindeer soft?

Your Friend,

Natalie Paquette

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I clean my room if friends come over. I help my aunt feed farm animals. For Christmas please bring me an Ipod and a pet puppy for my Elf on the Shelf.

What is inside the Elf on a Shelf?

Your friend,

Mia Biagi

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I do my chicken chores. I help my mom cook. For Christmas please bring me a light that stays on in the night and a horse halter.

Please bring my sister a horse halter.

How do your reindeer fly?

Your friend,

Rhonda Yutzy

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. Sometimes I do my chores. Sometimes I forget. For Christmas please bring me a toy dog. Please bring my brother a poster.

How do your elves fly?

Your friend,

Cameron Phinney

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I do my chores. I feed the cats and take out the dogs. For Christmas please bring me a remote control car. Please bring toys to my brother and sister.

Thank you for bringing toys.

Your friend,

Guujii Geroux-Meske

First Grade

Mrs. Payne's

Dear Santa,

Please bring some presents to me because I get my sister woter wene she asks for it. I triy to do good in school. Am I being good? I would like a hoodey and a footboll. Please bring "B" a pupey and flowers for Mom.


Phoenix Stapleton

Dear Santa,

Please bring some presents to me because I help clen mi room and I feed mi dog and cat. Who are your reindeer? I would like a new Lego set and a new tablit. Please bring my brother Noah a remote control car and my brother Nick some Pokemon cards.


Auston Ferguson

Dear Santa,

Please bring some presents to me because I help my mom and my dad and I do chors. Do you rille have reindeer? I would like a rc car and a noo bisikl. Please bring my sister a Barbie rc and my mom a noo fon.


Josiah Nichols

Dear Santa,

Please bring some presents to me because you like us and many kids don't hav toys. Am I being good or bad? I would like a pet fox and a PS 4 and a Cougars boll. Please bring my mom a brand new bed and my dad a brand new Cougar ball.


Levi Prather

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I be nies to my friends and I help my brothers. Am I being good? I would like a rc car and a Lego set. Please bring Jack a Seahakes football and Noah an army gun.


Jacob Wiley

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I bring Christmas sprit and I am nice sometime. What do your elves do? I would like a bulldozer that pushes 25 feet and a tablit. Please bring Grandma a flower and my cuzin Delanie a pac uv markers.


Traecyn Turner

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I'm good and I help Mom clean. I would like a bilankit toy and a doll house. I care for Lily, I want to give her a doll house and give Acelynn a blanket toy too.


Brenna Moore-Rodriguez

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I want to give cildrin toys and I vacuum the floor. What is the wether there? I would like a camra and a new tablit. Please bring a hamster for Zoey and loshin for my mom.


Lily Smith

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I clen the toylet and I help with the family. Am I being good or bade? I would like Elsa's powers and a Barbey house like Vickie's. Please bring Jordan a pupy and McKenna a pupy too!


Natalie Lewis

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I vacym the flor and I cleen the flor. How do the Randeer have magic and the slay? I would like a rocit and a toy car. Please bring Connor a Cudlee and Dad a bot.


Max Murdock

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I don't have that many toys and other kids don't have toys. How do you dlivr presins? I would like slim and I want a Santa dol and sum klos. Please give Jacob a neklis and Josiah a track with a remote control car.


Acelynn Cleveland-Hearld

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I help my sister out and I listen to my parents. Please tell me how old you are? I would like a hug from Santa and an Anna and Elsa Barbie please. Please bring my Grandma a foot massager and my other Grandma a back massager.


Vickie Gilliland

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I pick up trash and I help people when they fall down. What is your elf's name? I would like new pants please and a phone. Please bring Lazaro a new backpack and bring my mom some new pants.


Noah Guerrero

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some presents because I give Chrismas spirit and I help my sisters a lot. What are your elves' names? I would like a PS4 and a Honda 50. Please bring my dad some fly traps and my mom a visit with the Cougs' coach.


Kane Culley

Second Grade

Mrs. Bryan

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus?and do you have any Cats!!!! And do elves talk? And please can you give the childrans hospidel money? Can I have a sandpaper skatbord and a go pro? Please can I have a fast rc car and a cougar football and a book? For my dad can you ficks his back? Have a Merry Christmas, Santa.


Mason Sinkbeil

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer this year? This year I only want three things. Can I please have a Iphone xR and it is rose gold please. I also want some ear muffs that are cats and they are blue. May I also have a mini camera that is blue? I also want a blinger. I hope you have a merry Christmas!


Kylie Fletcher

Dear Santa,

How are you with Mrs. Claus? I want a $100 gift card and a dirt bike and a 22 and my name is Sam. I am good sometims. I want blankitsfor the homelise and a xbox1 and nerf gun.


Sam Woodend

Dear Santa,

Did you get stuck in any chimneys?! I want to get together. I want a fire dragon, a ice dragon and a plant dragon!I wish you luck, Santa. Have a merry merry Christmas & my adres is 12 12 Turner rode pomroy Woshington!


Janie Howard

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing this year? Can I please have a another bike, a culring book and a growing up hatchimals ?


Bertha Finch

Dear Santa,

How is your family doing? I want a fortnit nerf gun and I want a fitbit that can play games. I also want a thanos toy.


Eddie Vela

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing this year? Did you eat 100 cookies this year? Can you please get me a horse for Christmas? Can I please get a ear muffin? Can I please get shoes for Christmas? Can I please get A book of Henry and Mudge? And can I have a birthday party on Christmas eve? I can have diner with my grandma and grandpa.


Roberta Hansen-Smith

Dear Santa,

How are you doing ? Are the reindeer doing good? Do you have a puppy! For Christmas I want iphone 11 pro max and a computer @ $10,000 and are you real? Because I don't think so and that means my mom and dad lie!! I really like Christmas a lot! And I usually get $100 and can I have a lambergeine and a 22? How is Mrs. Claus? ARE YOU NOTY!!!!!! AND FAT?! And can you make me a youtuber? Because I really like Preston and Unspeakebl. Can you feed the poor pleasssss!!!??Jingle jingle jingle bell you die?? Do you have a baby?


Luke Ortuno

Dear Santa,

Can I have a pare of light brown boots? And a modersickols that is 100 buks? And are you real?


Mitchell Hays

Dear Santa,

How you are the reindeer doing? I want an xbox 360 with a lot of Halos on it that I could download. I want a drone, a helicopter with a set with it, and with firefighters.


Jayke Geroux

Dear Santa,

How many cookies do you eat? I want my mom to wark here at Dayton not walla walla please. I need books please. I want my dad to feel good. I want my brother to come to Christmas eve.


Eva Palomino

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer? I want a laptop,an iPhone and some ear muffs. And how are you and Mrs. Claus? Are the elves doing good? And are the elves really always there? and are you and miss,Claus, ever bisy and can you send a elf to my house at Magill lane? What are you and Miss, Claus dowing at the noth pol? I love you. Are you and Miss, Claus rel ? I love Miss claus to. The elf is here at Dayton School. She is on the flage and my techer's name is Mrs. Bryan. Am I on the nis list?


Tyla Magill Katsel

Dear Santa,

How are your elves doing? I would like art supplies and cunstrukshin paper and also a new dog toy for my dog.


Brooklyn Pounds

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer?Can I have a book of facts and a puzzle the hardest one. Can I also have a dinosour toys.


Kolton Dufur

Dear Santa,

Have you got stuck in a chimney? I want three dragons. The first dragon is a ice dragon, the secint dragon is a fiyor dragon, and the last dragon is a plant dragon.That's all I want.


Harlee Coulston

Dear Santa,What's cooking ? Oh its to cold to cook up there!!! Anyway I am going to be a youtuber . Can I have a gopro for Christmas? And I need a new video game. And whatever you find that I mite like.

Your friend,

Taylor Ledford

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Where are your reindeer today? What I want for Christmas is a box of Hot wheels and a drone and a remote control helicopter. I think that's all.


Brycen James

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus? Please can I have a box of Hot Wheels? Can I please have a track too? Can I also have a battery operated Batman car that I can ride in? Can I please have a one of those spinny things that you rub and it flies in the air?

Your friend,

Lucas Wyatt

Dear Santa,

How do you make toys? I want an art book and a paint set. I want a color pencl set. I want one lol doll and one borbe doll and one Amaerikin doll.


Yamilette Guitron.p

Dear Santa,

Did you eat a lot of cookies? Can you get me a Carnotarus and a watch? I also bring you Christmas tree cookies.


Ruben Flores

Third Grade

Mrs. Ortuno


I see the brilliant snowman.

I hear the wind blowing on my face.

I feel the cold snow on my feet.

I smell the fresh snow on the trees.

I taste the snowflakes on my tongue.

I love winter!

By Wyatt Huwe


I see bumpy snowmen.

I hear trees sparkling.

I feel fog blowing.

I smell cinnamon hot coco.

I taste frozen snowflakes.

I love making snowmen.

By Isabel Salguero


I see deer frolicking.

I hear a blizzard.

I feel warm fire.

I smell sweet dessert.

I taste spicy chips.

I love my family.

By Tadin Baker


I see bleary icicles.

I hear cheering kids.

I feel frost-biting icicles

I smell old ornaments.

I taste gingery cookies.

I love licking icicles.

By Bryson Martin


I see the twinkling lights.

I hear Christ singing.

I feel my spongy suit.

I smell reeking smoke.

I taste the salty snow.

I love Jesus' birthday.

By Nola Woodend


I see the sparkling snow.

I hear snowflakes gently landing.

I feel freezing cold air.

I smell the yummy cookies.

I taste the tangy, tasty food.

I love playing in the snow.

By Ethan Turner


I see the dazzling Christmas lights.

I hear the kids playing in the snow.

I feel the bitter snow.

I smell the flavorful cookie.

I taste the sugary dessert.

I love playing in the snow.

By Jonah Paquette


I see dazzling frost in the grass.

I hear people caroling in the cool frost.

I feel the prickly fire against my chilly hands.

I smell the breakfast cereal on my chilly nose.

I taste delicious food.

I love that we have prayers and can be together.

By McKenna McCowen


I see snow.

I hear the blearing Christmas music.

I feel coldness.

I smell smoke.

I taste candy.

I love candy and snow.

By Jostin Bowen


I see snowy trees.

I hear the wind blowing.

I feel the football hitting my hand.

I smell snow.

I taste cookies.

I love the toys.

By Uriah York


I see the white out.

I hear crunching of the snow.

I feel frostbite on my face.

I smell fresh snow.

I taste snow coming into my mouth.

I love snowboarding.

By Andrew Gillum


I see sparkling presents.

I hear family cheering.

I feel a warm, soft hug.

I smell sweet candy bars.

I taste refreshing air.

I love to open presents.

By Olivia Dyar

Christmas Days

I see people opening presents.

I hear the joyful Christmas songs.

I feel the snow in my hands.

I smell the fresh air in the mornings.

I taste the hot coco in my mouth. Mummmm.

I love Christmas days.

By Hannah Gemmell


I see dazzling snow falling.

I hear bellowing wind blowing.

I feel my bones go chilly.

I smell the freezing air.

I taste peppery candy canes.

I love winter.

By Caleb Solis


I see gleaming lights

I hear crackling Christmas fireworks.

I feel like an icicle.

I smell whiffs of love in the air.

I taste delicious sweet cookies.

I love my family.

By Kyla Thurston


I see Jack Frost on the.

I hear ice crunch in my boots.

I feel fog in the sled.

I smell the cookies.

I taste creamy ice cream.

I love skiing in the snow.

By Jasper Dunleavy


I see reindeer jump.

I hear dazzling snow fall.

I feel frost bites.

I smell sweet cookies.

I taste sharp ice hanging off of the house.

I love the soft snow.

By Ellie Jonas


I see the sparkling snow.

I hear reindeer footsteps on my roof.

I feel the soft reindeer fur.

I smell the delicious hot chocolate.

I taste the surgery cookies.

I love Christmas.

By Cambrie Clemens

Third Grade

Mr. Bryan

My Perfect Christmas

By Trinity Wellsandt

When I was 2, I thought Christmas was all about presents, but now that I am 8 I know what Christmas is about. Christmas is about caring for each other. If I could choose where to have Christmas, it would be in the best place in the world. It looks like this. It has a beautiful lake and a little cabin in the forest. And some beautiful trees. That is what I want it to look like. 

The people there are my mom and dad, sister, me, grandma, grandpa aunt uncle and my whole family. The friends I want to be with me are Ellie, Morgyn, Izabelle, Nina, Mr. Bryan, Rozroz, Piper, Wes and Joe, Rilee, Lyam, Serina, and Katy. That is the friends I want to be there.

My friends and I would play outside. Then play some board games then have dinner, and play with my dog. Then we would play with my dog. And play hot potato and musical chairs. Last but not least we would dance to Alexa. Then we would go to sleep. In the morning my friends would go home they would bring their presents if they wanted to play. That would be my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

Morgyn Hutchens

Many people have different ideas of what a perfect Christmas would be like but here is mine. My Aunt and Uncle would be there because they live a long ways away in Seattle. Also my Mom and Dad would be there because they are my parents.

My Christmas would be in Hawaii because I love Hawaii. Ever since I went to Hawaii I have loved it. I would decorate a palm tree for a Christmas tree. We would also go surfing because my family and I love surfing. Next we would go snorkeling because we all like snorkeling. After all that fun we will go to a fancy restaurant. Then the next day we will all go home.

My Perfect Christmas

By Nina Jaech

Many people have ideas of Christmas. Here is mine. I would want Mr. Bryan to come over to my house because he is my favorite teacher.

I would want him to come at 5:14 because he has Mrs.Bryan as his wife. I would want it to be at my house because he is my teacher also he is a good teacher and a friend. He is also a nice person because he lets us stretch after a long time of writing for a long time. He is the most awesome thing ever.

I would want it to be at the woods in a beautiful pink cabin. Inside the house there would be a kitchen and 2 bedrooms in the cabin. There will be purple windows too. 

When Mr. Bryan arrived I gave him a present and he said thank you very much. I said you welcome. We ate turkey and corn on the cob and it was delicious and candy canes for desert. I would set the table and get fancy forks and knives and spoons and get ready for my guest which is Mr.Bryan. If he is amazed I will be so happy.

The people I invite are elderly. I would also play Fortnite or Call of Duty, or Apex. I will also be nice and not bad. 

It is fun at the cabin in the woods. The cabin is going to be new not old because it just got painted. I made it of new wood which is light brown not dark brown, the expensive kind. That is the most fantastic Christmas ever spending time with my family and friends.

My Christmas

By Dylan Brown

If I had a perfect Christmas, this would be it. I would have all my family over, a lot of friends. I would be introducing friends with family and family with friends. Like for example, I recently introduced my friend Luke to my Mom, and Caleb at the beginning of this year and he introduced his family to my family.

I would like it to be at Luke's house. We can ride motorcycles and even run motos! We can go trail riding, ride quads, and I can maybe bring my little fifty! (If my dad lets me) We could play Borderlands 3, Fortnite Chapter 2, Black Ops 4, and maybe we can try to take a picture of Santa! We can open presents and hopefully I get a NERF gun to shoot Luke with in the morning. After we open presents we would have lunch. I would have cereal for breakfast with some water in a brand new cup that I got from one of my presents. For lunch I would have some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and a big cup of milk and some chips and sour cream and onion dip.

After all that we would play a nice match of football. I would have dad on my team against everyone else and it's tackle so my team is OP. Then we would play some music on the Alexa that Mom got 2 years ago. I would play Stars by Marshmello. I think dad would play In Color. My friend named Jake, I think he would play the NFL song on Apple music. My Mom would probably play a song called Bad Guy.

After that we would play with the stuff we got from Christmas. Hopefully I get a Tech Deck Rail, a Fortnite NERF Scar, a Fortnite NERF Tactical. After that we would play fun games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, Trouble, and then Pacman. Next we play some video games like Tom Clancy's: The Division, Fortnite chapter 2, Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption 2, and then Super Smash Bros.

Then we would go back home and open the other presents that I got. Then we would play musical chairs and we would have fun. Next we would play hot potato and we would have more fun. Then we would play duck duck goose and have even more fun! Jeez, everything in this paragraph is fun, but I love having fun! Then we would go to Brennan's house. We would play Fortnite, a lot of other board games and other stuff like that. After that we would go to Jonah's house and play Minecraft in real life. We would probably go find more bricks. First we drag the wagon down the creek. Next we would find the brick. Then we will load the brick in the wagon. Last we would drag the wagon up the creek and put the brick on the other bricks. We are slowly making a house by stacking the brick on top of each other. Next we would go get some water from the creek and then boil it. Now you're probably asking "How do you boil it next to all the trees."

I'll tell you how. So first, me Jonah, Caleb, and Braden, we built with the bricks over this metal pot and we put the water from the creek into the pot. Then we all scratch a rock up against this one poor stick and start a fire. That will be my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Brennan

If I had a perfect Christmas this is what it would be like. I would wake up run as fast as I can down the stairs and eat breakfast really, really fast. Then I would look at the presents and ask my mom if I can open one of them and she would say yes. 

So I would open one of the presents and get what I want. All my best friends would be there Dylan, Luke, Jonah. I would want them to come because I like to be with other people on Christmas. We would go to Bluewood. We would go outside and make some snowmen and have a snowfight.

After everything that we've done me Dylan and Luke would go to Jonah's house. We would play Minecraft, Fortnite, and play with Legos.We would build trucks, airplanes and very cool Lamborghinis and Bugatti. 

Then after going to Jonah's house I would go home and play with all my new toys and games with Dylan and Luke. We would go to Dylan's house and play Fortnite then play Minecraft and go outside and play tag in the snow. After playing tag in the snow we would play football in the deep snow. I don't know how that is possible. Then after playing football in the deep snow we would go inside and drink hot cocoa. Then we would go to my house and we would go to my bedroom and play with all of my trucks, cars and monster trucks. After that really good, great, perfect day Dylan and Luke would go back to their house and I would go up stairs and go to my bedroom and get comfortable. That would be the best Christmas.


BY Natalya Judd

Have you ever had a perfect Christmas where

It was just you and your family for Christmas? It is going to be at my house because my nana lives at my UncleJeff's house. I wanted it to be at my house a long time but we went to my nana's house for Christmas. I had soup cake and other food. I love Christmas because you get gifts from your family. Christmas is good because everybody gets to have gifts. That is my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Ellie Sabin

Have you ever wondered what a perfect Christmas is like well here you go.

For a perfect Christmas you need to stay somewhere. A hotel in Paris is perfect for me! Plus I love Paris. I will bring Rilee with me and bake cookies! And me and Rilee will open presents. Rilee will get a baked pie 

for her family. And I will get a hug from mom and that's the best present you can ever get! Then will sing until our lungs are dry, from low to 

high. We'll dance until our hips are sore. Next we will get our Christmas pajamas on and get to bed! That's my perfect Christmas!

My Perfect Christmas

By Katie Allen

This story is going to be about my perfect Christmas.

I want Christmas to be in Hawaii in a beach house because I love the beach. People I would invite would be my cousins and my mom and dad also my brother last but not least my aunts and uncles. When we finally got to presents I would tell the younger and older kids the younger kids get to open presents first they said quietly "yes". But before we open presents we did a prayer and ate dinner.Then we opened presents and played some family games like whoever can pull all the tissues out of the box and who ever can pick up the most tic tacs with tweezers.Then visited and said goodbye and giving hugs to the people that were leaving to go home.After that we will probably eat the rest of the leftovers from dinner and dessert well we were but everybody was stuffed so we sent home some dessert to people.Then we would bust out the toys again and play with them.Then we would watch a movie as a family and eat popcorn.

After that we would go to sleep and do a prayer.The next morning we would eat a special breakfast like bacon,eggs,toast,a glass of milk.Then we would play a game together as a family. 

That's what I think would be a perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Tyler Thornhill

Have you ever wondered what my perfect Christmas is? Well this is my perfect Christmas. My Mom would be there my cats Oreo, Jazzy, Tigger, Roxy, Patches, Boots, Mia, Gray, Chunky Monkey, and Pinky my brother Bobbee my sisters Abbee, Cleo, and Ashlynn. You may ask why those people? Because they're my family. My perfect Christmas would be at my house because I don't want to leave my beautiful home. Everything I would do is get presents for everyone and put out cookies and milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeer and bake a snack for Mr. Bryan's classroom. In conclusion, that's what I think a perfect Christmas is.

A Very Good Christmas

By Luke Collier

Many people want to have a very good Christmas but this is what a very good Christmas would be for me. You may be wondering who I would want to be there. This is who I want there. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, both my uncles, my aunt, my great aunt, my great uncle. Also my cousins, my other grandma and grandpa, all the animals, and Dylan. Also you're probably wondering why I want them here and it's because I love them with all my heart and im not lying. Also if I want a very good Christmas I would want it to be in my house because I know super fun games for us. Speaking of games after we are done opening presents we can play pinball, have a Nerf war play hidenseek and most importantly spend time together. Also Christmas is not all about getting a present, it's about spending time with your family. That's a very good Christmas to me and having a good time.

The Perfect Christmas

By Izabelle Anderson

This is my perfect Christmas. My perfect Christmas would be at my Aunt and Uncle's house In Idaho. I would want to spend Christmas with them because they are funny and nice. The people who would be there would be all the cousins I have and my family and friends and my grandmas and grandpas. I would want these people to come because I don't really get to see some of them a lot. We would set up a wonderful tree and make a beautiful dinner and delicious too! We would make presents for each other and cookies and milk for old Saint Nickolas. We would also make presents for Santa Claus because he never gets a happy Christmas because he has to give presents and coal to every kid and some parents all around the world. So I want Santa Claus to be happy too because nobody ever stops and thinks, "hmm, should Santa get presents?" But they would just think, "No he'll be fine." That would probably make Santa really sad and those kids would probably get coal and they would just whine. That would be my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Jacob Kaas

Have you wondered what people think about Christmas? Here is what I think Christmas should be like. Christmas should be like everyone from your family coming together and having a happy Christmas. On Christmas everything is calm when everyone is happy which everyone is on Christmas. This Christmas is going to be at my house. The reason why is because it will be freezing this winter and too cold for us to travel. This Christmas I want to see Papa Hauns very bad. I want to see him because I never get to see him because he lives all the way in Denmark. I hope that he can come to my house this Christmas.That is my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas 

by Wyatt McGanty

This would be the best Christmas, so grab some popcorn and start reading. It would start out like this it was the day before Christmas and we were at my house because it is comfy and warm. We were with my dad, brother, me, my dog, and my mom. My family were making gingerbread cookies and then because me and my brother got bored, we started decorating the tree. We heard Santa Claus reindeer but no it was just my brother pranking. So I went to my room and started playing on my phone and I went to Youtube to watch my favorite youtuber Hutts. Then my brother came to get me for the day before Christmas dinner.

I looked at all the food turkey and ham and gingerbread cookies and pumpkin cake with cherry ice cream and one more thing mashed potatoes. We started digging in. I was the first person done and I hid under the Christmas tree. When they called me I said I was in bed. I heard Santa and peaked and saw Santa Claus! I asked him for something for next year then I kept talking. He was just standing there but then he screamed so loud that it woke up my family. Then Santa Claus left. My family found me under the tree and said go to bed. I did and I wasn't happy because since I had seen Santa Claus that means no presents this year. So I just went to bed. 

When I woke up I went straight to the kitchen and saw Santa pancakes with red eggs and and ate my pancakes and egg. When I saw our presents I asked, "When are we opening the presents?"

My Mom said, "We are opening them at 11:00 now go wake up your brother."

I said, "OK, Bryce wake up! Bryce, WAKE UP!"

"OK, Wyatt, whats for breakfast?"

" Santa pancakes and eggs."

"Sounds good. Let's go watch Hutts. 

Then Mom called, "Time to open presents!" 

Everybody went, "Yay!" and we woke my dad up then we had a holly jolly Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Gretchen House

My perfect Christmas was when I got a doll named Julia. I played with her and went to see my family in Pendleton. We had dinner at my aunt and uncle's. Then we went home and opened presents. Then we went to bed. It was the best Christmas because I got to spend time with family.

My Perfect Christmas 

By Lyam Donohue

This is what my favorite Christmas is like. The people I want to be at Christmas is my Nana my Mom and my Dad and my grandpa and my cousins.The time I open my presents is 8.00.Then it is time for my mom and my dad to open presents.Then we go to my nana's house and my cousins and I will open more presents.Then we eat a big feast.Then my dad and my mom are going to the bowling alley with my family.That is what my favorite Christmas is like. 

My Perfect Christmas

By Lazaro Guerrero

My Christmas will be jolly. But I have to stay home because my car will be frosty inside. We can go outside to play yeti tag. My brother and I and my mom and dad will be there. 

Then we can open our gifts. And I would eat turkey and mashed potatoes. Then we will all go to sleep. That's my perfect Christmas.

My Perfect Christmas

By Serina Hansen

This is my perfect Christmas. I want to spend time with my family. I want to play board games. The game that I want to play is Midnight. This is how to play. If you land on the clock you have to move 1 until you get back to 12. I would also like to play in the snow. Then we would eat dinner. Then we open our gifts. That is my perfect Christmas.

Fourth Grade

Ms. Stone

Colt Clemens


cold, good

drinking, buying, filling,

So tasty and good


Delaynee Cox


Bright, pretty

Opening, waiting, unwrapping

Really fun to unwrap


Monte Richie


Cold, White

Eating, falling, freezing,

Snow is always cold


Georgia Reser


Magical, adorable

flying, running, guiding

Reindeer pull Santa's sleigh


Korbyn Osborn


Cold, Small

Entertaining, Freezing, falling

snowflakes are very small


Jenna Literal


Big, small

opening, wrapping, making

fun to open together


Ozzy McCarthy

Christmas Tree

Green, joyful

flickering, standing, hiding

Christmas trees are joyful

Christmas Tree

Garrott Yost


Colorful, beautiful

changing, shining, flowing

lights are so colorful


Emylee Williams


kind, old

giving, flying, helping

He is jolly old


Hunter Griffen


cold, puffy,

delighting, throwing, falling

snow is very fun


Adan Gamboa


Soft, long

filling, hanging, sparkling

stockings are very soft


Rozlyn Magill-Katsel


Fun, cold

skiing, snowing, laughing

It is so cold


Sara Cranmer


cold, fun

Falling, freezing, sliding

It is very fun


Farrah Hicks

Gingerbread Man

Delicious, yummy

making, kneading, eating

Very easy to make

Gingerbread man

Gabriel Segraves


Shiny, bright

gleaming, shining, warming

Lights are very beautiful


Fourth Grade

Ms. Olson's

Cindi's Cinquain


Happy, silly

Laughing, loving, eating

Happy all day long


Brayden's Cinquain


Happy, Fun

Throwing, Hiding, Running

Having fun in snow


Graicyn's Cinquain

Winter Wonderland

White, icy

Sparkling, glittering, snowing

Winter Wonderland is nice


Julianne's cinquain


Cold, white

Drifting, snowing, twinkling

Loves seeing little kids


Rosemary's Cinquain


Graceful, playfull 

Prancing, working, lurking 

Loving to help santa!  


Robert's Cinquain


Chubby, jolly

Joying, smiling, laughing

Santa's sleigh is nice 


Kellen H's Cinquain


Cold, White

Skiing, sledding, snowboarding

Cold and snowing tonight


Ashton's Cinquain

Hot cocoa

Yummy, warm

Drinking, warming, consuming

Warm tasty awesome yummy


Audrey's Cinquain


Slippery, cold

Freezing, skating, cracking

Ice is very cold


Jemma's Cinquain


White, cold, smiling

Moving, Freezing, building

In snow, very very fun!


Nick's Cinquain 


Smell, white

Loving, skiing, snowing

Sipping yummy hot cocoa


Celia's Acrostic poem







Karson's Acrostic poem

Cool caffeine 

Out of this world 

Fiery hot 

Feet by the fire



Tristin's free form poem 

Dear santa if you bring me presents 

It will be pleasant 

now I got a rhyme 

and I took my time! 

I might have time

for another rhyme 

Kellen C's free form poem

Dear Santa, do you feed the reindeer carrots?

Do they ever play with parrots?

I bet you have some ferrets.

Joy! I love that we can share it.

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Reser

and Mrs. Richards

During the winter, my friend and I go snowboarding and we put our boards in bags and put Santa hats. We go out on the mountain as we carry bags with our snowboard in it. We would also lay in the snow. We gaze in the sky and talk about life. When we get too cold for the snow we go to the lodge and drink hot chocolate. We watch kids build snowman they keep all the accessories in bags. Once were warm we take in the mountain as the snowflake fall. During the winter it's always a good time to hit the mountain.

--Silas Czapka

One day a family went skiing and snowboarding. They arrived at the ski resort. They got in then went to the top of the hill and there's a snow mud crab eating a chocolate bunny babbit.

They went home on the day before Christmas Eve, they settled in and made Christmas cookies. The kids went to bed and they were talking about Christmas.

The morning came on Christmas Eve and they were excited. They went to play outside and they saw people sledding and making snow angels. (6 hours after eating and playing in the snow.)

It was Christmas the children ran down stairs and got their stockings and dumped them out. They were so excited. ~They opened there presents after every one was awake and they got really excited. There were 4 presents for each of them They opened them and got really excited. Then they found a candy cane for them on the kitchen table.

Then they lived happily ever after.

--Jersey Slack

I'm writing about what I did on a day I call popcorn day. Popcorn day is a day that I sit inside with my puppy and watch T.V while eating popcorn and drinking hot cocoa.

One popcorn day my dog, Snickers, and I were wearing santa hats and decided to watch the Cougars. The Cougars game paused and a commercial came on. The commercial was talking about adopting dogs. I decided to put my coat on and take my dog on a walk to go adopt two beautiful three-year-old puppies.

That is the story of my popcorn day. Maybe you should make a type of your own popcorn day! If you do, maybe you could get encouraged to do something too! I hope you enjoyed my story of one of my popcorn days!

--Ashlynn Thornhill

"Dad I'm going to ski down Huckleberry". "Okay daughter" 10-year-old Cindy Lou Who ventured onto the lift unknowing what was about to happen. Halfway up the lift it started to snow. A snowflake fell on her nose instantly melting. Eventually she got off the lift and started skiing down, after a while she had forgotten where to go. Unfortunately, Cindy Lou Who went down Huck Finn instead, scared and starting to get cold she ventured into the trees. Looking for wolves, she found a glowing light and started walking towards it. Finding the words on it, it said: Santa's. Wondering what to do she poor it on hoping it would keep her warm, and in fact it did. Poof

" Where am I"? Cindy Lou Who asked.

"Well of course you're in the elves workshop, now is your name? " one of the elves said. Cindy Lou Who told the elf the whole story. 

"Wow you've been through a lot and I want to get you home for Christmas so we have some work to do" the elf said. 

Later the elf got started turning Cindy Lou Who into an elf". May I ask why you have to dress me up as an elf?" 

Cindy Lou Who said. "Well if Santa finds out he'll go crazy, because last time a child was at his factory and told all the kids what they were getting for Christmas so now he is kind of paranoid ". 

"Wow"!!! she said."Ya, and now you're ready to go and after a while I'll have to put you in a bag so Santa can't see you because if he sees you, he will know that you're Cindy Lou Who Who's Vill and, not an elf, so let's go "!!! 

They took off down the halls doing random elf like things, after a while the elf said "Get in this game and once you're in and I start walking don't make a sound". The bag was red velvet and said" Merry Christmas" in a cool font and it had a writhe, and mistletoe on it 

"Okay" hesitantly Cindy Lou Who got in the bag wondering what was going to happen next. The bag shut almost closed so that there was a small, hole she could breathe from the bag started rocking and she instantly knew she was very cold out and she was starting to shiver. She started to hear something ringing, it started to get closer and closer until she remembered the noise it was Rainer. 

"Plump"!!! she dropped on to something and then she felt like gravity was pushing her up, up, up. She dared to ask "Can I come out of the bag now?"

"Well now you can" the elf said. She opened up the bag and she saw all these twinkling stars, 

"Where are we"? Cindy Lou Who asked, "where are riding over crystal lake and almost to Who's Vill". She thought to herself about what Who's Vill". She thought to herself about what Who's Vill would look like, and when they got there it was unreal she saw the annual giant Christmas tree, and the new giant snowman.

"Okay kid heard your new present open it in the morning on Christmas day and don't let the Grinch steal your toys". "Bye" Cindy Lou Who said jumping out of the sleigh and straight down the chimney, and this is just the beginning of a long friendship.

--Lucy Trump

Once there was a boy named John and a girl named Avery and they loved each other. They have three dogs named Snowflake, Ginger and Mistletoe, and for some odd reason Snowflake always liked to wear a santa hat. 

John and Avery didn't know but Snowflake is Santa's dog. John and Avery had a lot in common like their favorite day is popcorn day and they both love the Cougars. On Christmas Eve, everyone was excited, there were decorations everywhere and there was a mistletoe right by the front door.

At twelve o'clock all the dogs started to bark except Snowflake. Avery and John woke up and they didn't see anything but mistletoe over their head so they kissed and two years later they got married on Christmas Eve.       

--Ava Atwood

"Stubby, stop biting my ear!" yelled Frisky, who was a magical iron cat. 

"I'm so mad that dad won't let me sit on his lap." Stubby hissed back. 

Stubby and Friskey were on the couch eating treats. "I wish Sky would come home so we can watch the cat version of Snow White." 

"Frisky! We watched that yesterday!" Stubby cackled.

Sky walked through the door. "I'm home! --Also, I found Itchy hiding from a tree." Sky talked to her dad some, until he let her eat a bowl of whipped cream for National whipped cream day. 

It was also the other cat's birthday. Itchy's. Itchy as scared of everything. He was even scared of the couch. Sky gave him his present. It was a music player that played special music for cats. Itchy sat on a chair and listened. 

"Purrrrr" Itchy got comfortable, and went to sleep. He was never scared again.

-Skylar McCann

I woke up on Christmas morning. I was so excited to I threw off my covers and ran downstairs. We were having snow mud crab for dinner and for dessert chocolate bunny babit. I can't wait to have some chocolate babit. But first I want to open my presents.

*Thump thump thump* Ut oh, here comes my brother!

" Hey, no pushing" I yelled, 

My brother yelled back, "baby!!!" 

Then we ran to the christmas tree shredded the presents wrapping paper and opened the box I found skis and poles my brother found a snowboard!!! I saw more presents and we opened them and found wax. 

My mom gave me a candy cane and that reminds me I'm hungry, so I went over to the table and saw the mud crab. "Wait is that one moving" I said to myself, and then after that we spent the rest of the day getting pinched by the mud crabs.

-- Joshua Sabin

Frostbite Man

Once upon a time I was hiking through the woods and I stumble upon a log.  When Silas woke up a magic hat lands on my head and the hat takes me to the winter wonderland.

I stay there and make friends and the friend names are Andrew, Nike, Byron, Ely and Silas and they showed me a magic ski lift and the owners of the lift were Peyton and Reece. At the top of the ski lift there was a mistletoe all around.   A big candy cane with a cabin in the back. I snowboard to the cabins and stay there and to go to the bathroom and I see the north star in the distance, sparkling brighter than them all.

When I woke up my face was in the snow and I had frost bite.  I look around and there is ice all around there were boots and snowboard for my friends too.  I invite them to go to Bluewood so they come down and we go to tamarack then triplenickle. Then I go down tamerake with Andrew and Ely. We take a shortcut and when we got in the short cut we crash but then we get our skies back on and finish the run.

Anthony Jonas

Once upon a time, there was a little ghost boy named Sawyer.  He was always sad because he didn't have anyone to celebrate Christmas with.  Sure, he had a hat on his head, his own personal ski lift and snowboard, but he was lonely.  His only memory of his family was a candy cane with mistletoe on top. Then he saw the North Star, the sign of hope and happiness and felt... happy. Even though Sawyer was lonely, he felt like he was surrounded by friends and family.  And from that point on, Sawyer felt happiest on Christmas.

--Reece Rodriguez

So one day in a normal world there were 3 kids and they played in the snow the day before Christmas eve and when they were done playing in the snow they went back inside and got ready for bed. They grabbed the cat to snuggle with when they go to bed and they grabbed blankets and pillows to sleep with. They went to their room and played with the fluffy cat for a bit and fell asleep.

The next day they woke up and opened 1 present and they got super cool toys one was skies and the other was a snowboard. So they went outside and played with the toys they got out of the presents. Then after a long long day they were so tired of playing in the snow they went back into their house and watched tv and went to bed.

When they woke up they were so excited because it was Christmas Day. They got to open up all of their Christmas gifts they got from Christmas. They had so much fun because they had lots of family there opening presents and eating Christmas cookies and having fun. Then they played with all of their toys they got. Some of the toys they got were toy robots and little water guns and you know pretty much all parents get their kids clothes!

Which are so annoying but now I get why they get us them so I don't care I need them sometimes. Anyways they played and played over and over again until they broke their toys but they lasted a long time. They played inside, outside, and all over town and had so much fun. Until all the toys got thrown away after one year but then another Christmas happened and the same thing happened over and over again until they want to stop having Christmas if they want to. I would not want to if I had to choose because I have fun every year having Christmas in my house with all of the treats and family.

Nick Ferguson

Sixth Grade

Mr. McCann

Coffee on Christmas

By:Quincy Boggs

Today was the first time I have ever released my own song! I was really nervous but also super excited. My name is Yoo Nooyhun but my stage name is: Bright! I chose this name because I want to light up the stage every time I come on ! Although I can't stop thinking about my first show at a showcase tomorrow, I need to go to sleep.

4 MILLION!! That's how many likes I woke up to this morning on my new Christmas song "light up"! It's part of my new Christmas album that has 3 million listens on spotify, knowing this makes me even more excited to go on stage because now I know there is a higher chance someone will know my song! After performance: Now that my performance is done I can go back in the audience, but performing was so fun! And I hope it's the same every time! During the show I got to meet the members of: STAR, and I actually exchanged numbers with Joon Jungyo or JJ. WE have been texting since the showcase and he is really nice. I can remember 2 years ago when I was still a training to be an idol, I fell in love with their music! They were such an inspiration and still are. 

OMG! Today is Christmas and Jungyo has invited me to a coffee shop! I"ll have to sneak out though, for two reasons: 1. Crazy fans, and 2. Our companies are so against dating.

"Hey, Noohyun!" 

Called Jungyo when he saw me while I responded with:

"Hi, It's nice to see you!"

After the date: The date was AMAZING! The coffee was delicious and we talked forever! Definitely a Christmas to remember! 

-The End

Two Minutes Before Christmas

Sawyer Brenner

''Let me tell you about a story two minutes before Christmas. It twas 2 minutes before Christmas, there was not a sound through the house, not even a mouse *snap*Oh never mind". "Who writes this stuff?'' "I don't know maybe the writer!" "I guess the writer should start to make better content!" "let's get back to the story." - not even a mouse - *snap* "AAAAAAAARGH!" *bang* *smash* "someone call the police!" *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* This story will be back in 2 minutes. 2 minutes later. "Well Bob Christmas is over" " I know, I know but Jim - "Wate Bob did you leave the camera rolling?" "oh-no" "We were just kidding Christmas isn't over he heeee." "Wait can we cut that out" " I guess." "Well merry Christmas."

A Christmas Thing

Andrew Cook

It was the night before Christmas and something was in the air. Snow you might say, not much more. The parent said we shall eat first. That's what they did. The boys were so excited to open presents, they were shaking.

The first presents were small. There was a hot wheel for Andrew and for Ashton a dinosaur. 

With that done, there would be a surprise for them at home. 

When they got home they went inside and found a litter of puppies in the basement.  

Their momma had had them when they were away and that's all there was.

There was a group of kids in the living room, guessing who received presents at great Grandmas house. Then the kids heard a thump. Santa they thought.

No it was the parents with more presents!!

As soon as they got inside the kids whose names are Andrew and Ashton started jumping and asking, we can't wait for next for next Christmas.

Christmas on Snow Hill  

By William Cranmer

Hello I am Kyle, one Christmas we got early presents which were ski lift tickets, and we went skiing over our Christmas break.  

It started out as a regular ski trip with my friends, Eli, Dustin, and Blake. We were restless as we waited to get into the car. We put our skis in the back and piled in. My friends and I drove down the winding road to our favorite skiing place, Snow Hill. When we got there it was really snowy and foggy. Dustin said, '' I don't think we should ski.'' But the rest of us sneered,'' What you scared?'' We tumbled out, got our gear, and walked up to the lift. When we got to the lift we put on our skis and got on. The worker behind us yelled, '' Be careful! We've had some reports that people have been seeing crazy snowmen!'' We shrugged it off and started talking about school and cars. We thought we saw something in the trees but we couldn't tell. As we got off the ski lift, out of nowhere, an army of snowmen started throwing snowballs at us. Blake started skiing down the hill when a snowball hit him in the face! He veered off the path into a tree. I looked over to see Blake holding his ankle. I asked him if he was okay, as I dodged a snowball. I removed his skis and picked him up. I skied down the mountain with Blake on my back, my friends trailing behind me. Once we got to the cafeteria, Eli called an ambulance, and that's why we spent our Christmas in the hospital. 

Merry Christmas 

By:Madison Ortuno 

It was Christmas Eve morning and in the alley by the dumpster sat a little girl playing with sticks wishing that she had someone to celebrate Christmas with. Meanwhile, up on the highest hill in the biggest house there was a rich woman planning her Christmas bash . She had no heart and only thought of herself. As usual the little girl was wishing for someone to celebrate Christmas with. Up at the house the woman had a sudden urge to go help the little girl - which was weird because she did not know the girl, but she told her servant to go and fetch some pastries for the girl when she got in the car and went to the ally when she got there the little girl was asleep. She tapped the little girl and she woke up with a start. The woman not sure what to do. The little girl gave her a big smile and hug the woman asked her if she would go spent Christmas with her. The girl said yes. So they hopped in the car and drove off to the house on the hill. When they got there the girl was amazed at what she saw there was a giant dining room table with all the food she could ever want. The woman then showed her where she would be staying it was a huge room a grand bed. The next day the girl woke up to so many gifts there were toys and clothes the girl was certain that this was going to be the best Christmas ever.  She went downstairs to the kitchen to find the women there and she said "Merry Christmas" she said back "Merry Christmas to you to."

Christmas Catastrophe 

By Carson Potter

Hi my name is Zack. I'm sixteen years old and I live in Dayton Washington. Since some of my family lives far away they will be coming this evening for Christmas, so I'm gonna go skiing with my friends. My friends are Amelia, Dustin, Nathan, and Sarah.

Now my friends and I were going to BlueWood and I saw this thing in a tree, but I decided not to say anything. Then we were there. "Finally, that took so long", Dustin said. Then we got our stuff for skiing

It took a long time but we finally got on the ski lift. For some reason there was no other people around just workers. I mean, I guess it's Christmas but there was no one, I wonder why there open today. Then when Nathan, Sarah and I were on one chair on the lift Nathan said. "Hey what's that over there"? "Oh probably nothing,'' said Sarah."I do see something," I said. Then the thing jumped and hit us!

Now it seemed as the ski lift was falling. What had hit us and why? I would have come up to see if everyone was ok but I was stuck in some snow. Finally, I got out and yelled HELLO. I couldn't see anything but then I could picture out a dog, a St. Bernard. Maybe it could find my friends. Then he sniffed and barked at something. It was Dustin and I checked my pulse and well let's just say the cold got to him. Now there were many cops and dogs.

So they found my friends and they took us in the police car which drove us home and I saw it was on the news. I went to bed and thought what a Christmas catastrophe.

Travis Ferguson

Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy only wanted one thing for Christmas. He wanted a toy car. It was the only one of its kind. He wanted it so bad. But then the day before Christmas he gave up. He thought there's no way I'm going to be able to get that there only one in the world. So he decided on something else he decided he wanted a new pair of pants. The reason he wants pants instead of the car is because his family doesn't have much money. And they wouldn't be able to afford the toy. The boy and his family were eating Christmas dinner they were very happy. After they ate it was almost time for bed, but they had to do one thing before they all went to sleep. They had to go outside and light lanterns. As they watch the lanterns fly by they started to get tired. Now it's time for bed they all go to sleep. The next day the boy wakes up he is filled with joy as he runs down stairs and wakes up his family. They all go down and sit by the tree as the boy opens his present first, because he's the youngest. WOW HE GOT THE CAR. He was so happy, the rest of the children opened their presents while having a good time, the rest of Christmas was great BUT then something unspeakable happens. TO Be CoNtINuDE ...

Christmas Week

Emma Hays

There was one week left till Christmas, and most of the kids where at home with their parents. If you walked around a small town called Willowsberg you would find a store. If you walked three blocks past the store you would end up at a brown house. Inside of that brown house where four children and one adult. The children where Kammara, Luie, Jemma, with the adult named Antonio. If you walked two blocks past the brown house, you would end at a cement door. Behind that door there were four pets. Those pets didn't have names. They all had one thing in common... no family.

Three days had passed by and the kids were going to a holiday event supported by the animal shelter. All of the kids and animals fell asleep in their beds. The next day the children ran into the bus taking them to the park. Then Kammara had seen him, it was Archie the Great Dane from when she was younger. Luie met a cat and named her sugar. Jemma met a bulldog and named him Spike. Antonio met a cat Max. They finally had a friend for the holidays. They had played outside for a while and they had to go back. A couple around there late 20s came to one of the managers and asked if they could meet the children whom they loved. The couple said "We'll adopt them!". "We would like to keep the pets to." said the man". It was now Christmas day and they were sitting around the table as a family. 

Christmas Wish

LeAnne Leonard

Driving down the road in my new car. It should be thrilling but the future distracts me. 

Ever since my parents went MIA I've had to live with my grandma, but now I wish I had spent more time with her. The day I got my driver's license was probably the day we spent the most time together. I remember her saying," I'm so proud of you, Claire!"

After the funeral I went back to the house to pack up all of my things. But when I was about to leave, I saw my grandma's favorite gold necklace, so I quickly took it and ran to my Uncle's car. My uncle, Devan, is the nicest man ever but ever since grandma died he's been acting weird lately. I've tried to help him but he's always thinking about her. I do feel bad but I'm also worried about him.

Seven Days Later

"The snow is falling and friends are calling yoo- hoo" Sleigh Ride is playing and whenever I look outside it's snowing. Uncle Devan has been helping at the senior center and I've been putting up the decorations. Now I'm sitting out on the front porch waiting for him. I've been admiring how beautiful grandma's necklace is but then I get a text saying, "I won't be home for awhile."

Since he wasn't going to be home for awhile I went out into the field with the necklace. When I opened it up I found a picture of my parents in it. I was desperate for them so I threw the picture in the snow and wished that they'd come back. I knew it wouldn't work but suddenly there was a mist and within it I saw a glint of my parents. Now my Christmas Wish did come true.

Lost and found

by Jaycee Cox

I looked at my sister, Sushi, who was sleeping soundly. I didn't want to wake her up but I was afraid I'd have to. I padded over to her and prodded her with my paw. Her white tail flicked dismissively. "Yes?" she asked sleepily. "I'm going hunting" I said, flicking my ears right back at her. She obviously didn't notice. I sighed and headed outside. 

It was a nice morning; the sun was shining and a light snow was falling. The further I got from my cave, the deeper the snow got. I kept moving and suddenly sensed a presence... a brown horse with a worn halter came from the edge of the forest. I padded forward warily, but the horse bolted away. I decided to forget about the incident and keep going.

It had been about three hours and I hadn't seen a thing. As I waded through the snow, I couldn't help but realize I was lost. It was also getting dark, which really bothered me. You see, unlike most foxes my fur stays red through the winter, which makes me a sitting duck...  Suddenly I saw the horse from before, and at this point I was desperate. "Please help." I pleaded. The horse looked at me for a moment... "Very well."

As we walked through the forest, the horse, whose name I later learned was Ivy, Showed me the way. Eventually the cave was in sight. "Thank you, Ivy." I said. "No problem, uhhh..." "Pyro." I said. "No problem, Pyro!" she neighed. I dipped my head and walked towards my cave. "PYRO!' Sushi called as I stepped into my home. "You were almost late! I caught a grouse for Christmas dinner!" "Awesome." I said enthusiastically. "I bet you had fun!" she yipped. "Yeah.." I answered, grinning slightly.

My First Christmas!

Isaac Jaech

I will be talking about my first year in Dayton and how it was a Christmas miracle.

I will also be talking about how a beautiful family had to take in a kid who was a rude brat and did not listen because Isaac Jaech was a foster kid for his whole life - he is 12 now

    I was a foster kid who was to go to a group home if a family did not take me in. I had a brother, Justin Jeach jr., who was a very polite and respectful kid. One day this family took me in because they love kids and they did everything to help others. I was a very good challenge for them, but they never gave up. that is a Christmas miracle. I was a rude and a brat. I did not listen, but they would never let me go - then I  realized I was going to a group home if I did not get adopted.

      I will now be talking about the beautiful family who took me in near Christmas. I never had a Christmas with a family who actually cares for me and who took me in to live with a brother. I never had the best Christmas ever. Nothing will beat that day and no one will never take me away from this family and never will put me back as a foster kid. I love this family. They did the best to take me in. I was a hard egg to crack, but they did crack me.

That is my story of my first Christmas I hoped you enjoyed have a jolly Christmas.

The Cats that Saved Christmas

By, Gillian Markham

It was a cold and snowy day in the North Pole and Santa had just returned from Salinas, California with a load of Romaine lettuce for the reindeer. They loved the lettuce until they started to feel sick. Dasher was throwing up and Rudolph had the trots, so there was no way the reindeer could pull the sleigh for Santa. And tomorrow was Christmas! What was Santa to do?

Santa's elves had an idea. They went to the local animal shelter and adopted eight cats. One was fat, one was skinny, one was fluffy, and one was Minni, one had spots and one had stripes and one was black and one was white. It was a hassle but the elves got the cats to Santa's castle. They began to prepare the cats for the trip by sprinkling magic fairy dust on each of them so now they were able to fly, but all the cats wanted to do was chase birds and rodents. So the elves had another plan. They went to Mrs. Claus to borrow her prized Goose Bessie and had her leading the sleigh. Bessie loved mistletoe berries, so the elves hung mistletoe on Santa's fishing pole. Now they were ready!

"On Frosty, on Dutchess, on Kona, on Jessie. On Misty on Mint, on Snowflake, and Bessie". Declared Santa. And he cast out the mistletoe and Bessie chased the mistletoe and the cats chased Bessie. They lifted off into the night sky and delivered all the presents before dawn.

When they arrived home Mrs. Claus gave all the cats a bowl of buttermilk, and she gave Bessie all the mistletoe she could eat. They all had a merry Christmas and lived happily ever after.

The End

The Big Christmas

Grace Baker-No Picture

Once there lived a little girl named Kimberly. Her best friend was a little girl named Emily. Emily and Kimberly have known each other since kindergarten. They were trying to figure out what to get each other for Christmas, also they are praying it would snow this Christmas because it has not been a white Christmas in three years and they have been waiting for it to happen.

First thing Emily wanted to get Kimberly the best present she could ask for. Kimberly wanted to do the same for Emily so by Christmas they would have it ready. When Kimberly got home she called Emily and asked her if she wanted to come over for dinner. Emily, of course said yes. At dinner Kimberly asked Emily to stay the night, then again Emily said yes.

The next day Kimberly was on Christmas vacation. And there were three days till Christmas day and two days till Christmas eve. Kimberly's mom and dad had some big news for Kimberly and it wasn't good news. At dinner her parents told Kimberly that they were getting a divorce and her father was moving out.

She was really upset, so she called Emily and told her about the divorce. Emily told Kimberly that she would support her through it all, and Emily said she would try to help fix the divorce problem.

The next day Kimberly felt empty and even more alone, even though she had Emily. Kimberly told herself that she should cheer up cause its Christmas eve. But she was still thinking about the one thing that could make her Christmas good, and that was her family being together. That is the one thing she wanted. She thought to herself at least I have Emily to help me through the pain. Emily decided to give Kimberly her present to make her feel a little better.

It was Christmas day and Emily got   Kimberly's parents to be together for Christmas. Kimberly doesn't know what Emily did. Kimberly got up and went downstairs to find that her parents were sitting on the couch with Emily and so she went and opened her presents to find a Rottweiler puppy sitting there so she decided to name it Lily. Kimberly turned around and looked outside to see if it was snowing, it was.

That was the best Christmas ever.

How the Reindeer Lost Their Magic

Kaylee Coleman

Last night in the North Pole, all of Santa's reindeer were eating dinner and getting ready for bed. The elves were in Santa's house, busy making toys. An elf named Shelly was sneaking around making a machine to steal reindeer magic. She wants the magic for herself so she can fly.

She will wait until the reindeer fall asleep then she will use the machine to take all of their magic. She sucks all of the reindeer's magic out of their body's. This morning, the reindeer found themselves with no magic. They called for Santa and his elves for help.

The reindeer were scared that they will not be able to pull Santa's sled on Christmas Eve. They notice that one elf was missing. They searched the whole area but couldn't find the missing elf. The elves saw something in the sky, it was Shelly!  They knew she took the magic because elves don't fly.

The reindeer tracked her all day long and finally she got so tired that she flew back down and fell asleep. They cornered her and took her into the barn. She woke up and found herself trapped and everybody was surrounding her. Santa asked her how and why she took the magic. She said, "I snuck into the barn and took their magic because I just want to fly.'' She told them where the machine was and the reindeer got their magic back.

They gave Shelly another chance to be a good elf. Santa is getting ready for Christmas Eve. The elves are wrapping presents and the reindeer are eating. They are having a wonderful holiday.

The End


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