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Scholarship offered for Rural Healthcare Scholarship

DAYTON–The Dayton/Waitsburg Community Health Foundation is offering a $1,000 scholarship for an individual enrolled in an accredited institution offering a health care curriculum. The range of degrees and programs supported may include, but is not limited to, advanced medical degree, pre-med degree, nursing, pharmacy, medical records, image technician, laboratory technician, or mental health professional.

Of high importance when applying for this scholarship is a definitive demonstration of commitment to completing a program, academic achievement, and evidence of desiring to serve in a rural health-care system in Washington State.

Shared work/employment histories and completed classes, especially in the healthcare field, are considered important indicators of commitment. Civic involvement is important, but not of the highest priority.

Applicants must be residents of Columbia, Walla Walla, or Garfield Counties. The application is open to high school seniors and individuals who are enrolled in advanced institutions.

Application forms are available on the Dayton School District Website Scholarship page ( Completed applications must be submitted to: Rural Healthcare Interest Scholarship, Selection Committee, 142 Fullerton Road, Dayton, WA 99328; to Jana Eaton in the Dayton School District Administration Office; or Roseann Groom at Waitsburg High School. Deadline for application is May 8, 2020.

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