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September 3, 2020

By Kristie Korslund

Dayton Memorial Library held a writing contest for the end of our Virtual Summer Reading Program. Each participant was asked to write a one-page story having looked at a designated photo for inspiration. Reading through our contest entries one story stood out from the rest, written by Moriah Haag. Moriah entered with this wonderful tale and won first prize!

Once there was a man named Old MacDonald. He had a huge farm, but there was just too much work for one man. Luckily, he had a giant as a friend, named Bingo. Bingo was very helpful. He fed the cluck clucks here, watered the moo moos there, and everything on the farm loved him.

Now Bingo loved the farm just as much as it loved him. The only problem was that Bingos ears were so big that even when everything had gone to bed it was still too loud for Bingo to fall asleep. One night, Bingo couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his blanket over himself as he cried because he could not sleep. And as you might have guessed, a giant’s crying is a very loud thing. All of the animals on the farm woke up and all of them felt bad for poor Bingo. So, all of the animals worked hard to make something for him.

In the morning when Bingo got up, he found what all of the animals had made. That night he fell asleep right away with one of the biggest pair of earplugs ever. By: Moriah Haag

If you are needing some entertainment during this extended down time continue to interact with the Columbia County Rural Library District’s Facebook page, website, and community advertising for more fun projects and contests.

Until next time, happy reading!


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