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Team building experience at large meets

BOARDMAN–The Wolfpack boys finished at the bottom of the pack in this 21-team Columbia River Invitational here April 14, Dayton-Waitsburg junior Ruben Yutzy getting four personal records along the way.

"Our first time attending this very nicely run event," observed Head Coach Dan Nechodom.

"Several of our athletes tried out new events, in some cases pushing themselves well out of their comfort zone," he said. "Some got bumped from their normal events due to limited entries, and volunteered to try things they'd never trained for."

Nechodom pointed out that Tristan Renneker was unable to run the 100 m. dash, so he decided to push himself by entering the 1600. "He held a good pace, dug deep for a strong finish and turned a very respectable time," Nechodom said.

"It was great to see some of our people who joined late finally get the opportunity to compete," he said.

Womens Results

100m: 24-Alyssa Hollingsworth, 15.05a; 36-Makenna Barron, 15.83a; 44-Mattilynn Carter, 16.39a PR; 45-Madison Kaehler, 16.52a PR; 49-Michelle Chavez, 18.46a PR

200m: 21-Alyssa Hollingsworth, 31.84a PR; 31-Marion Duncan, 34.08a PR; 38-Alyssa Byers, 42.73a PR; 39-Emma Hays, 42.94a PR

400m: 10-Alyssa Hollingsworth, 1:11.90a PR; 20-Marion Duncan, 1:22.91a PR; 23-Emma Hays, 1:31.11a PR; 24-Alyssa Byers, 1:43.54a

Shot Put: 47-Cedar Stegall, 19' 6.5SR; 53-Addison Crenshaw, 16' 10; 60-Michelle Chavez, 13' 7 PR

Discus: 24-Cedar Stegall, 60' 7 PR; 40-Makenna Barron, 52' 4.5 PR; 43-Madison Kaehler, 51' 2 PR; 52-Marion Duncan, 40' 5.5SR

Javelin: 49-Madison Kaehler, 44' 1.5 PR; 56-Mattilynn Carter, 37' 0 PR; 57-Addison Crenshaw, 35' 9SR; 59-Michelle Chavez, 25' 3

Long Jump: 33-Makenna Barron, 11' 11.5 PR; 41-Alyssa Hollingsworth, 11' 6.5; 49-Addison Crenshaw, 8' 4.5

Mens Results

100m: 9-Reuben Yutzy, 12.15a PR; 31-Hudson Reser, 12.53a; 50-Blake French, 13.19a; 64-Victor Whitmore, 14.43a PR

200m: 29-Hudson Reser, 26.52a; 38-Teegan Kenney, 26.93a

400m: 16-Teegan Kenney, 1:00.51a PR

1500m: 31-Tristan Rennaker, 6:02.69a PR

110m Hurdles - 39": 15-Tristan Rennaker, 28.32a

300m Hurdles - 36": 12-Reuben Yutzy, 48.84a PR

Shot Put: 10-Reuben Yutzy, 37' 5 PR

Discus: 56-Victor Whitmore, 65' 4.75 PR; 58-Blake French, 58' 8.5 PR

Javelin: 14-Vaughn Walter, 117' 0 PR; 18-Hudson Reser, 115' 1 PR; 38-Victor Whitmore, 91' 5 PR

High Jump: 8-Vaughn Walter, 5' 4; 8-Reuben Yutzy, 5' 4 PR

Long Jump: 8-Teegan Kenney, 17' 8.5; 39-Blake French, 15' 3.25; 59-Tristan Rennaker, 12' 8

Triple Jump: 17-Tristan Rennaker, 34' 1 PR; 29-Blake French, 29' 10.5

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