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The First Week of School!


September 3, 2020

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Students return to school with very specific safety mandates in place to prevent the spread a COVID-19. They must wear masks, frequently wash their hands with soap and water and stay six feet apart from each other. From left to right Sophomore boys Benny Bryan, Brutus the Bulldog, Vaughn Walter, Isaac Finney and Hudson Reser practice their social distancing techniques to see just how far apart one must be to obtain a six–foot space.

DAYTON-We're back! After a shocking and early end to the school year in March, the students of Dayton High School (DHS) have gone five months without being at school. Though the school year was finished through online methods, the teachers and students of DHS are happy to be back in person for the new school year to come.

It took lots of brainstorming and consideration, but DHS is now back to in person learning part-time. The year started off with a "soft start", on Tuesday, August 25, the Freshman class attended their first day of high school, the next day, Wednesday, the Sophomore class attended theirs, and on Thursday the Junior and Senior classes were welcomed back as well. All classes attended together on Friday.

Students who have chosen to go back to school, rather than distance learning, will now attend classes at the high school from 8 a.m.–12:30 p.m., having four in person class periods per day, and continuing their other three classes at home the same day. The class periods which they attend will trade off each day. Students, staff, and any visitors are required to wear a mask when within the high school, and students must wear a mask outside if they are not within six feet apart from one another. Desks and seats within the school, and any other equipment being shared must be sanitized after each use. And students are encouraged to use hand sanitizer regularly.

As for the routine pep assemblies, dances, and extracurricular activities, the high school will not be able to practice such events this year. The students are very disappointed to be deprived of these important high school memories, but are thankful for the chance to continue in person classes.

Although many of the fun aspects have been taken from this years' experience, the high school will still be holding Associated Student Body elections. The elections are usually held at the end of each school year, but because of the sudden cut off last year, they will be taking place later in the second week of school. The ASB staff leader, Mrs. Hutchens, gathered a group of students interested in running, and created an "ASB Summer Council" over the summer to keep the school spirit going through the struggles of COVID-19.

These students met over online calls over the summer to discuss ways to make a difference in the school, and to welcome the students of DHS back for this school year. The "Summer Council" members made an appearance in front of the high school each morning of the "soft start", with a karaoke machine and a special appearance by Bulldog mascot "Brutus", to welcome their fellow students back for the year.

Many of these students will be running in the election for the 2020-2021 ASB office.


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